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[FLASH] Controlling Browser Window via Flash Javascript buttons [via ‘get url’ statement]

Sources: http
Author: Cheeky_monkey
Version: Macromedia Flash 5
Objectives: Client wants Flash Demo on a CD with their own Branded window.
Tools & Techniques: Oval Tool, Rectangular Tool

Controlling Browser Window via Flash Javascript buttons

1. Set size of browser window

On (Release)
Get URL (“javascript:window.opener=self; window.resizeTo(width=780,height=420)”)
End On

2. Minimise browser window
(haven’t worked out) HELP !!

3. Maximise the browser Window.

On (Release)
Get URL (“javascript:window.moveTo(0,0);window.resizeTo(wi ndow.screen.availWidth,window.screen.availHeight); “)
End On

4. Close the browser window.
(cool JS which by-passes the MSIE security prompt of “are you sure you wich to close this window”)

On (Release)
Get URL (“javascript:window.opener=self; window.close()”)
End On

‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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