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I am in dilemma. Depress and Emotional.

She once fought a tough battle to win over her enemy. I send my reinforcement through my Lord Jesus Christ. She won the great battle of history. Peace and joy is what we have in mind.

But the enemy strike in dark and taken her down once again. This battle is even greater than the previous one…

She is now in 4th Stage of cancer once again…

God… I pray for your healing power pour on her and great shield of protection against her enemy in the body. Father, give her peace and joy eternally. I believe in You with all of me. I cried out to You because I know only You can do what is impossible for man. I love her so much as how You love me too, Father.

Thank You Father because in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ. I ask and pray. AMEN!‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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