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Draw by chillicandy
Draw by chillicandy

My name is Jeffrey Low lives in beautiful capital city of Malaysia. I’ve started blogging since 2004 but I had been slacking due to social media platform is much more easier to share thoughts and sharing ideology of my 2cents of wisdom. Nevertheless, I will keep sharing some great experience in my life and keeping some of the unforgettable memes and viral sensation that struck my way.

More about me personally, I am a realist, i believe in justice systems that is fair and truth, I also believer of hard works pays well and I also believer of One True God. Throughout my career life, I had been working as Product Manager and Business Development in IT Distribution specifically in IT Security and Cyber Security space. Besides that I had lots of personal hobby and curiosity in others field as well. In terms of physical activities, I love soccer, badminton, cycling, trekking, swimming, beaching, and paintballing. In terms of leisure, I love travelling, tea and coffee brewing, cooking and camping. In terms of knowledge, I can program, web design, graphic design and hardware maintenance. In my most of my free time, I definitely love computer gaming.

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