Ricardo Montaner – La Cima del Cielo

Dame una caricia Give me a caress Y dame el corazón And give me the heart Dame un beso intenso Give me an intense kiss En la habitación In the room Dame una mirada Give me a look Dame una obsesión Give me an obsession Dame la certeza Give me the certainty De este nuevo[…]
PIN Namewee-WhenImGone

Namewee – When I’m Gone | 黃明志 – 當我離開以後

抹乾眼泪  用力挥挥手 Mǒ qián yǎnlèi   yònglì huī huīshǒu Wipe away the tears and wave 我亲爱的  家人朋友 wǒ qīn’ài de  jiārén péngyǒu My Dear beloved friends and family 这场景 或许有些 沉重 zhè chǎngjǐng huò xǔ yǒuxiē chénzhòng This could be a little hard to take 别想太多 bié xiǎng tài duō But it’s ok 然时间去流梭 rán shíjiān[…]

The Forest – Steam Games

Cheats – PC and PS4 codes Plugging a USB keyboard into on console and start typing! Here are the codes you can enter: ironforest – Buildings are indestructible, type code again to disable. meatmode – Disables all cheats. rawmeatmode – Permadeath. If you die, wave goodbye to your save file. regrowmode – 10% of fallen[…]

Diana Ross – If We Hold On Together

Tell me who, what, when,Where did it start?Tell me when, whereHow did you get in my heart?I feel your love washing over meIn waves of emotion so strongI want to say while I’ve got the chanceIn the words of this songYou’re my one shining momentYou are all my dreams come trueHoney, you’re my one shining[…]


Ai piah jia eh Yia..sing along song..great hokkien song with football videos cit si sit chi em mien wan than一 时 失 志 不 免 怨 叹Once lose faith, no need to lose hope Cit si lo phien em mien tan han一 时 落 魄 不 免 胆 寒Once dreaded, no need to be scared[…]

Crispy Butter Chicken

Preparation Time 10 minutes Cooking Time 10 minutes Ingredients (serves 4) 300g chicken pieces, boneless & cut into small cubes2 teaspoon MAGGI® CukupRasa™1 cup flour½ cup corn flour1 egg4 tablespoon (50 g) butter3 cloves garlic, chopped1 sprig curry leave3 bird’s eye chilli, chopped1 cup evaporated milk½ cup water Method Cut chicken into bite size pieces[…]