Cheats – PC and PS4 codes

Plugging a USB keyboard into on console and start typing!

Here are the codes you can enter:

  • ironforest – Buildings are indestructible, type code again to disable.
  • meatmode – Disables all cheats.
  • rawmeatmode – Permadeath. If you die, wave goodbye to your save file.
  • regrowmode – 10% of fallen trees regrow while you sleep (provided the stump is still there).
  • veganmode – Enemies only appear in caves.
  • vegetarianmode – Enemies only appear at night.
  • woodpaste – Undoes all holes made by the hole cutter and crane.


The Forest console commands on PC

The following commands only work on PC and can change a lot more of the game. To start with, type in developermodeon at the main menu screen. There won’t be any notification or anything but you can press F1 to see if it’s working as it should bring up a box in the left corner where you can type in the codes.

I would err on the side of caution from this point on. Some of these console commands could heavily affect your save file. So if you don’t want anything too bonkers to happen or run your run, steer clear. If you feel comfortable heading onward, here’s how to activate console commands.

Press Z to toggle the console, F1 to turn it on or off.
Press X or ~ to display the console log and status, F2 or ~ to turn it on or off.
Precc C to display stats, F3 to turn it on or off.
Use the up and down arrow keys after pressing Z to cycle through previous commands.
Use the left and right arrow keys to make changes to commands.

After you’ve typed a command from the list below, press enter to activate it.

This is a list of the most popular commands that you’ll likely find useful initially, although you can find more from the wiki. Just press F1 after activating developer mode from the main menu, as per our instructions above, type in the commands, then hit enter.

buildermode on / buildermode off
This turns on buildhack and god mode. Turns off survival mode, enemies, and adds all items.

cavelight on / cavelight off
Pretty self-explanatory, it make caves brighter.

faststart on / faststart off
Skips the plane crash cutscenes.

godmode on / godmode off
Take no damage. Unlimited stamina, fullness, water… You get the idea, you’re invincible.

buildhack on / buildhack off
Creative mode, basically. Unlimited resources and quick building.

Removes all blueprints. It can be loud if you’ve got loads so lower your volume.

Build every blueprint that you’ve placed down, can also get very loud depending on how many you’ve placed.

Use to add all items apart from story items.

Fills in the gaps and adds all the story items as well.

itemhack on / itemhack off
Unlimited items, however, you must have the item to begin with.

survival on / survival off
No need to eat / drink etc.

Saves the game. No matter where, when, why…

speedyrun on / speedyrun off
Super fast sprinting. Can be buggy though and you can get some serious air sometimes so try not to die.

invisible on / invisible off
Allows you to walk/run underwater but it doesn’t wash you anymore. Rain still does though.

Does exactly what it says on the box, careful though, they will respawn.

enemies on / enemies off
Disables or enables cannibals and mutants.

additem 77
Live rabbit, put it in a rabbit cage for safe keeping.

forcerain heavy
Forces heavy rain, fill up those water collectors!

forcerain sunny
Tired of bad weather? Force the sun out.

cutdowntrees 10
Cuts down 10 trees, you can change the number.

cutdowntrees 100%
100% will cut down all the trees,you can change the percentage.

cutgrass 10
Cuts grass in a ten radius around the player. Will be laggy if too large size radius is chosen.

And that’s it, the most popular and useful commands on The Forest.