11 March 2007 – A meaningful day in my lifetime. (Part 1 of 2)


*GOT an error for typing it 2006… It should be 2007. Sorry ya…

Having a good morning to meet David Oh for Bible Study, I decided to left early so I won’t be late and able to had breakfast with Syin. It was 8 am and I was woke up by Syin while I sleeping in the guest room after a long night yesterday. She looks so adorable with sleepy eyes and restless body. Immediately I felt a voluptuous life having Syin in my life. I can’t hold down my feelings, I jumped on her for a hug and I tear a little. It was tear full of blessing. I brush up and head to Church to meet David Oh.

We arrived at a Mamak near Sunway Pyramid. I ordered 2 half-boiled eggs, “ Roti Planta Telur Bawang “, nasi lemak and a cup of Teh Tarik. Syin had 1 Thosai and 1 Teh Panas. Amazing HUH! This is just breakfast but this is me. I did that all the time when I am happy and also in extremely good mood.

David arrived later.
David brought along (2) Holy Bible — The New King James Version. He gave it to me and Syin as their gift for our birthday.

* Thank you, David and Shirley *

This is the time where I know I am ready to share good news with him. He was happy that I have finally found my faith in Him. I’ve been visiting St Francis Xavier Church at PJ last time. I just tag along with friend. I had a good impression with the church and I felt quite comfortable with the sermons and songs. She seldom goes often, maybe once in 3 months and then none. That was 2 years ago!

Shirley & David – The endless energetic coupleHistory Time… * YAWN *

Alright this is what happens beforehand, I was chatting with David after he added me to his MSN Messenger contact list. That is when he first introduces me to httphttps://www.chc.org.my. I was amaze with the Church worship spirit and atmosphere, I felt like dropping by to feel the surrounding. Next it was sermon from Keith Tay which talking about “Discovering Destiny”, believe me he just wake me up from dreamland and his words really cause great impact to my life. I also listen sermon from Pastor Kevin talking about “Discovering Destiny”, trust me… I am not exaggerating but Pastor’s sermon had given me faith and courage to attend Saturday night church for the first time at City Harvest Church.

First visit to City Harvest
My first experience with City Harvest Church were amazing. I felt so welcome and the place is a place where I want to be. The security looks serious but helpful, the ushers really puts a smile in our face and most importantly I don’t felt shy being there for the first time, the speakers were just great and the video crew, THUMBS UP… it was up to international professional level. Every staff is working with passion and treats people with compassion.

After a numerous time attending City Harvest Church, I begin felt a strong passion with Lord Jesus Christ. I felt His presence each time I am in church and it grows tremendously each time we Praise the Lord. I thought it was a feeling but it was more than just a feeling… It’s a relationship, a passion connection that starting to grow in me to be closer to Him.

It’s a fate NOT a decision nor feeling
Finally, Today, I am convince that it was not a decision nor a feeling nor a wanting but its a fate that Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and my Saviour, without this fate I am still a wanderer without guidance. For me willing to be a servant under His Kingdom of Heaven, I felt honored and proud especially to be a part of never stops worshipping God and Lord Jesus Christ… Best known for their noisiness but peaceful in mind and highly spiritual atmosphere Church. Nice group of young leaders and motivational leaders that gives us down to earth faith and courage, I am being blessed and God had been kind to me.

I thank you everyone that influence my life in good terms and I foresee a guided path to success and focus in life. These words had come across to me today by Pastor Kevin.

“Serve people as if serving God”

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