The biggest and best youth events ever in year 2007. Come and experience the real power of the youth and explore their talents and potentials being unleashed.

For more info regarding competitions, check out the website: httphttpschc.org.my/emerge.my/index.html


Here is some briefing about the whole event

Parade of Schools ( 1 items )
This cheerleading extravaganza is a standard showcase of glitz and glamour featuring sizzling grooves, upbeat music and daring stunts.

Sports Mania ( 8 items )
Shape up and gear up to prove your mettle in the sports competitions of Emerge 2007! With individual and team events to test your fitness and fighting spirit, pit yourself against other competitors to bring out the winner in you!
– Futsal (MALE/FEMALE)
– Basketball 3-on-3 (MALE/FEMALE)
– Basketball Slam Dunk Competition
– Basketball 3-point Shootout
– Captain’s Ball (MALE/FEMALE)
– Track and Field (MALE/FEMALE)
– Go-Kart Grand Prix (MALE/FEMALE)
– Arm Wrestling (MALE INDIVIDUAL)

Creative Arts and Entertainment ( 5 items )
Step into the world of arts and entertainment and dazzle others with your flair for the creative, be it through music, dance, hosting or a distinctive catwalk down the fashion runway. Strike a pose, compose a tune and leave a mark in one of Emerge’s most popular competitions.
– Beauty Pageant and Manhunt
– Transformers Competition
– Acrylic Painting
– Talentime
– Fashion — Streets of Tokyo

Design and Media ( 4 items )
From concept to reality, translate your mind’s visual images into stunning masterpieces in the form of finished designs or multimedia presentations. Impress us with innovative ideas and your own personal blueprint in the broad – industry of design and media.
– Photography Competition
– Shoe Design
– Multimedia — Trailer Challenge
– Multimedia — Short Film

Education and Christian Growth ( 7 items )
Sharpen your spirit and mind as you engage in a tussle of wit and wisdom based on general knowledge and your understanding of the Bible. Harness your linguistic talents to build faith or to expand your intellectual capacity through the written and spoken word.
– Who wants to be a Missionary?
– Essay Writing
– “How Smart Are You?” IQ Test
– Spelling Bee
– Word Power
– Personal Testimony
– Preaching Challenge

Games Arena ( 8 items )
Immerse yourself in the world of games and exercise your mental dexterity in this category for fun-loving and quick-thinking individuals. Display your skills in virtual reality challenges, like DOTA and Counterstrike, or make your moves in – Chinese and English Chess.
– Lightning English Chess
– Lightning Chinese Chess
– SMS Shootout 2007
– Nintendo Wii Challenge (Boxing)
– Nintendo Wii Challenge (Tennis)
– PS2 Challenge (Winning Eleven)
– LAN Gaming Challenge (Counterstrike)
– LAN Gaming Challenge (DOTA Challenge)’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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