[FLASH] Load external SWF on new frame after click


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Reported Issue:
Having too much movies, photos and scenes in ONE SWF file can racked up to huge file size. Now what I wish to do is to play these movies not directly from my main project but call them from externally created .swf I prepared earlier. This becomes a problem, as with my extremely limited knowledge of Action script I do not know how I would do this properly. However I will explain to you how I tried to do this.

What I have now is a button that with the use of this script placed on a new layer on the same frame:

<!–Start Coding
b1.onRelease = function() { loadMovie(“3DInterface01.swf”, empty_mc); };
End Coding –>

This does play the swf I want where I want but NOT EXACTLY where I want. Allow me to elaborate.
What I want to happen is to click my button and the frame to go to where I pointed it to go before (with my embedded videos in movie clip symbols) and then to play the called swf on THAT frame. As currently the only way for this to work currently is for me to place this script, the empt_mc Movie Clip Symbol and the button all on the same frame (on separate layers of course). This is problematic as I have no idea how I can forward my project at all from this point.

Solution Found:
All good now. I got some help. I was shown this to use on each frame that the empty_mc is on (new layer of course):

<!– Start Coding
loadMovie(“3DInterface01.swf”, _root.empty_mc01); this.onEnterFrame = function() { if (_level0.empty_mc01.instance01._currentframe>=124) { gotoAndStop(7); } }; stop();
End Coding –>

Each value needs to be changed for each individual circumstance of course but it works like a charm’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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