My cure of negative moods


Negative moods definately will hit us during our busy schedules. Many of us manage to breakthrough these negative moods such as anxiety disorder, sad, heartache etc… The question here is how did we manage to do it?

I had my own ways to deal with this negative moods…

If I have time, let say the whole lunch hour, I will sit down at Coffee Bean opposite my office and sipping down a cup of Genmaicha Green Japanese tea bag brewed with a slice of Chocolate Walnut Brownies heated. This will eventually rejuvenate my exhausted body and stressed mind. I can have a healthy lunch too but a bit high calories la..

If I had a bad mood strict unconditionally, the only thing that I can do to bring peace to my mind and be emotionally right. I will look at this picture with some inspirational words I had on my wallpaper.

Turtle Toy from Redang I took this picture when I was playing with this turtle soft toy I bought from Redang trip. Looking at it so cute so I decided to snap and send out a MMS to my friends with a message


“If you are bored or stress. Look at me and you’ll feel alright.”

Many of them said this works for them so I decided to post this method as it has proven to reduce negative moods. Now I decided to share this with everyone.

I hope this helping you…’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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