TWILIGHT – Nevermore, Shadow Fiend

A demon of the burning legion so abhorred that he makes the skin of even his fellow demons crawl, Nevermore is a creature of the shadows that consumes the souls of those around him. When the Shadow Fiend comes forth to battle, he augments his power with the souls he has consumed, bearing down on his enemies with spiritually enhanced attacks and powerful spiritual blasts. The Shadow Fiend is a terrifying opponent whom few have survived, and those who have perished under his tyranny have faced the most despicable fate of all.



Gives the Shadow Fiend the power to desecrate regions in front of him at varying distances.

Level 1 – 75 damage
Level 2 – 150 damage
Level 3 – 225 damage
Level 4 – 300 damage

Cooldown: 10 seconds.

Level 1: 75 mana, 10 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 75 mana, 10 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 75 mana, 10 sec cooldown.
Level 4: 75 mana, 10 sec cooldown.


Whenever the Shadow Fiend kills a target, he stores the unfortunate soul inside of him. For each stored soul he gains 2 bonus damage until his own death releases half of them from bondage.

Level 1 – 16 damage limit.
Level 2 – 30 damage limit.
Level 3 – 46 damage limit.
Level 4 – 60 damage limit.


Presence of the Dark Lord

The presence of such a horrible creature terrifies nearby enemies, reducing their armor.

Level 1 – 1 armor reduction.
Level 2 – 2 armor reduction.
Level 3 – 3 armor reduction.
Level 4 – 4 armor reduction.


Requiem of Souls

Summons evil spirits around you dealing damage to units in the area. Number of spirits is related to the number of souls stored and the movement/damage reduction is related to the distance from the Shadow Fiend. Lowers movement speed and damage of nearby units. The closer the units are the greater the effect.

Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds.

Level 1: 150 mana, 120 sec cooldown.
Level 2: 175 mana, 110 sec cooldown.
Level 3: 200 mana, 100 sec cooldown.


Level Skills (DPS Build)

  1. Necromastery [L1]
  2. Stats [L1]
  3. Stats [L2]
  4. Necromastery [L2]
  5. Necromastery [L3]
  6. Stats [L3]
  7. Necromastery [L4]
  8. Stats [L4]
  9. Stats [L5]
  10. Requiem Of Soul [L1]
  11. Requiem Of Soul [L2]
  12. Presence Of The Darklord [L1]
  13. Presence Of The Darklord [L2]
  14. Presence Of The Darklord [L3]
  15. Presence Of The Darklord [L4]
  16. Requiem Of Soul [L3]

Max up Necromaster First in this build. But why at level 1 and level 4 but not level and 3 ? It’s because you’ll rarely be able to gather enough of souls during the early games unless u are real good at deny and last hit. It can be switched as time goes by. Stats are for early survival during the early game despite your low hp. And why requiem of soul at level 10 and level 11? Simple. Will you rush to a target at level 6 to use it? Answer is NO. So I guess thats all i wanna say in this build. Easier than the RazeShadow build but must have a good early game match. Deny and Farm properly and it’ll bring this hellfire to heaven and make them perish

Level Skills (Caster Build)

  1. Necromastery [L1]
  2. ShadowRaze [L1]
  3. ShadowRaze [L2]
  4. Necromastery [L2]
  5. ShadowRaze [L3]
  6. Necromastery [L3]
  7. ShadowRaze [L4]
  8. Necromastery [L4]
  9. Stats [L1]
  10. Requiem Of Soul [L1]
  11. Requiem Of Soul [L2]

In this build, focusing on spellcasting is more important than your DPS. Therefore, max up shadowraze and necromastery first. Then go for requiem of souls. Reasons are the same as the DPS build. Only thing is that you switch Presence Of The Darklord with ShadowRaze. Why you say? Simple, coz it’s better than useless at mid/early game since you wont be attacking most of the time but using requiem and end them with shadowraze. Harder to master this build compared to the DPS build due to the difficulties to maximise the damage output of shadowraze but might be safer if played well since u dont need to do much and need not to rush infront for kills.

Item Build – DPS

  • Boot of Speed + Glove of Haste = Power Thread
  • Blink Dagger OR Lothar Edge
  • Mithril Hammer x2 = Stygian Desolator
  • Messchimidt’s Reaver + Vitality Booster = Heart of Tarrasque OR
  • Planeswalker’s Cloak + Platemail = Aegis Immortal
  • Broadsword + Blade of Attack = Crystalys
  • Crystalys + Demon Edge = Buriza do Kanyon
  • Quaterstaff + Eaglehorn = The Butterfly OR
  • Ogre Axe + Broadsword = Black King Bar

Item Build – Caster

  • Boot of Speed + Glove of Haste = Power Thread
  • Void Stone + Ring of Health = Preserverance
  • Blade of Alacrity + Claymore = Lothar Edge
  • Preseverance + Ultimate Orb = Linken Sphere
  • Ultimate Orb x2 + Point Booster = Eye of Skadi
  • Quaterstaff + Robe of Magi + Sobi Mask = Obvilion Staff
  • Preseverance + Obvilion Staff = Refresher Orb
  • Sacred Relic = Radiance


  • Requiem of souls + Whacking + Shadowraze

Strategy Discussion (DPS)

Early game  
Alright, lets go to the strategy part now. It’s early game, so what are you gonna do? It’s kinda simple actually during the early game but it’s the time where you need the most concentration. Why ? Because this will be the part you’ll be denying and harassing your enemies. Start at a solo lane. Top for sentinel and bottom for scourge because it’s nearer to the tower. So what are you gonna do there. Yes. Deny and harass. Lets talk about denying first.

Denying is very important for Nevermore as it’s very efficient in it. With the +60 damage from it. Almost all creep will be yours. Once your creep hp is getting to 1/4. Straight aim that creep. You’ll usually get to deny it easily. Just one thing, to deny. You’ll need to be freaking agressive. You might not be able to farm at first too since you’ll be harassing most of the time but it doens’t matter. If u think u can, rush into tower to deny too but make sure there is no stunner or you’ll be dead in 2 shots of tower and some attack from your enemy

Now about harassing. Thats the best part in using nevermore but it’s only limited to few factors. First is for weaklings melee heroes or a SINGLE ranged hero. Once there’s 1 range and 1 melee. Dont be too agressive but if both are melee’s. You can say GG before the game starts. Anywayz .. same thing applies. You can either forget about last hitting means let it free hit creep and wait for denies or harassment. When the melee heroes come near. Dump them. When theres creep dying. Eliminate them. When range heroes are standing, suprize them and chase all the way if u hav flasks.

Mid Game  
It’s in the middle game now. Most of your teammates will be ready for battles and starting to push. But what do you do ? Should you join them ? The answer is no. You shouldn’t join them at all. In fact, you shud get a free lane like top and bottom. Where theres no hero. Continue to farm there and run if theres danger. Buy scroll of town portals would be a good choice. Just one reminder. You should teleport back while hiding at a location if theres enemies around OR teleport back to your base to defend if your enemies are pushing. Reqiuem of Souls are needed for these battle.

Just go into the battle, use requiem and run back. If you are using razeshadow build. Spam your shadowraze. It’ll help a lot and u might even get some kills there. Make sure you tele back and defend or you’ll lose the game easily with tower down. Continue doing it until you get your requiem of souls level maxed and having a deso with dagger. Once you get that, you should be in the late game status.

Late Game
Late Game, Bwahahaha. It’s time to own says nevermore. At this moment of time. You should have your deso and dagger with other small stuffz and this is where you’ll get strong especially with a heart at your side. Main thing to do is to unleash your Requiem Of souls and finish them off nicely. But make sure you do it during the whole team clashes. First one to go in is not your role. Let the tankers go and then you blink in. Start casting your Requiem of souls while typing “gg” to your enemy. After that, get ready for some killing. Get the nearest one and hopefully it’s yours and try to shoot further ones with your shadow raze if you have it

Make sure you join ganks and gangs by this time. You’ll help your teammates a lot and will turn the tides even if you are losing. Imagine you inflicting more than 900 damage to every heroes in the map. And killing it 1 by 1. Bloodseeker from your team will be thirsting for this to happen. Continue doing it and then push to the rax. You are the one that should hit the rax despite your incredibly high Attack and attackspeed by this time. So guess that’s all that i can say now

Shadowraze Build Walkthrough

Early game  
Two walkthrough in one guide ? Wow, never expected this in a guide. Anywayz, 2 different build with different styles of playing requires different walkthrough. Thats why I’d write another walkthrough for the Shadowraze build for nevermore. Basically you’ll do every single thing the same with the one on the DPS build with minor changes

Denying. It’ll be almost the same to all players with any hero. Once the game start. Get a non-solo lane. This time you’ll need your teammates help. Deny those creeps of yours and lsat hit those creep. Continue doing this will allow you to get more souls for the extra damage. After your damage is boosted. Denying and Last Hitting should be simple for you.

Now about harassing. The way of harassing for this hero is kinda difference compared with the DPS build. Yes, you can do the same thing but take note that you will be in a 2 v 2 stance so unless your enemy is a melee. You can’t do anything againts them. So what can you do ? Simple. Just continue farming like usual and when u see any hero come near their ranged creep, aim on him and use shadowraze [C] which would most probably hit the target accurately if done correctly. Continue doing it and just keep farming all the way. Get someone to disable it to make things easier too.

Mid Game
It’s the mid game now. What can you do. Although it seems harsh but I’d like to say that you can do nothing. Without the uber high DPS damage and the mana of yours. You can do nothing. So therefore, go to free lanes and farm. Sense anything dangerous, teleport back wit your scroll of town portal or just windwalk away. Make sure to check your map often and prepare from any backstabs from the enemies side. Help out your teammates to defend too unless you wanna lose your tower AND your game

Just go into the battle, use requiem and run back.Spam your shadowraze to clear off those creep . Hopefully, some weaklings get hitted and will either be in red hp or you’ll be the proud player listening to the sound “killing spree”. Take note that you are not recommended to windwalk to the middle of the battle to use requiem anymore. It’s way too dangerous doing so. Instead, stay at your tower and wait for chance to do it. If there’s any problem you’re facing, windwalk back and just let your teammates do the job. It’s not your time of the game anywayz
Late Game  
At this time, you should have your linken sphere ready and you should be starting to make your skadi. At this moment, start joining ganks with your teammates. Start the battle by windwalking near the enemy and requiem them, then keep whacking them until you hear the sound “dominating” or “godlike” If they are too far from your range, press your [C] button for a far shadowraze. You’ll be glad of it and they’ll be sad if they thaught that they can easily run from you. Remember to target them before your use shadowraze.

Repeat and repeat the procedure and you should be owning. If they buy wards , get ward and destroy them. If they get gem, I’m so sorry to say that you’ll have to fite him face to face and kill him. If your team doesn’t want to push. Consider to continue farming since you can’t rush in front alone. Guess that’s all that I want to say now. Conclusion, you spend most of your time farming and will require the using of requiem to kill your enemy

Advanced Technique
Mass Deny and Harassment
Mass Denial
Alright, have you tried your game before you read this part of the guide ? I’d take that as a Yes since I know most of you can’t wait to play it after reading the first part of it ( If u ppl reads it ). I mention a lot about harassing during the walkthrough in the early game and mid games. But what do i actually mean about it ? Yeah, killing your own creep which would result your opponent exp denied and also gold denied. It’s totally a perfect way to outfarm and outlevel your enemy but too bad, icefrog nerf the amount of exp deny in 6.38 on the melee creep. Anyhow, gold is also another factor. You deny them well, they’ll never get anything unless they are a better farmer than u.

Denying creep somehow or rather is quite simple to do but the extra part is by denying in your tower or their tower which i can’t master it until now due to the usual 2 v 1 in my lane. Anyhow, there is some tips about it if you really wanna deny your hearts out which i learnt it from another guide from dotaportal. It come about like. The tower attacks your melee creep 4 times and it’ll allow you to deny it and 2 times for the ranged creep. However, this might not be working if you dont have the full level of necromastery maxed up wit full power. Just a piece of advice for you deniers. Never try to deny a nuker early game. With a combo skill and u are as good as a dead meat.

What you’ll need to deny them nicely is stated below.

  1. Maxed Powerups for necromastery ( 30 souls/60 damage+ )
  2. Maximum Safe-rambo mode of playing style 
  3. Daring enough to take high risk 
  4. He’s a darned melee hero OR a single ranged hero 
  5. Non-nuker – Crystal Maiden, Zeus, Lina Inverse 
  6. Takes place in side lanes 
  7. For xtra help, get observer wards ( Helps A LOT )

Harass eh ? Harassing with this hero is somehow simple. Why ? I’ll tell you why. He have about 60 damage and from necromastery another 60 damage bonus. This will make you have 120 damage at the early game stages. Imagine it man. 120 damage !!! Yeap, you might say armor but thats not in the topic now. With this input of damage. I wonder who want withstand it ?Few hits and they’ll be crying and running back to their homes. They’ll be afraid of you so don’t worry and harass them nicely. Just take note of those creeps around you. It can be more hurting for you than him if you get hit by their creeps early game.

About how to harass with it so that you wont feel the pain from their creep. It’s simple. Wait until there is less than 2 melee creep around the area. Make sure u kill the ranged creep as your first kill since it’s free food for you. Then, move around near the side of your enemy. If he stands at the right, walk around the right part of the route. This is so bcoz if you were on the left part and you target him. You’ll have to walk to the creeps ( Middle part ) and the pain will be legendary. Thats for range heroes. For melee, simple. See him running for last hits ? DENY it and then change your target to him. He’ll either change lane, get another player to come, or leave the game if u really harass them correctly

What you’ll need to harass them nicely is stated below.

  1. Melee Heroes. ( Wow, melee heroes are tauhu’s for Nevermore eh ) 
  2. Non-nuker / Non-spammer. 
  3. Less than 2 remaining melee creep in the area. 
  4. Good Micro-ing skills. 
  5. Maxed up Necromastery to maximise the power. 
  6. Last but not least. A Noob as your opponent. Wait , a so-so opponent is enough.

Survivability Of Nevermore
There is something nice about nevermore which is high DPS. Theres also something bad about nevermore which is low hp. So, what can you do about it ? Yes, with item like dagger. You see a hero, you’ll be ready for a blink and let me tell you some stuffz about blink now. If your enemy comes from behind. Face him, and blink behind him and continue running. Usually they’ll be confuse about it and will forget about you. Otherwise, just run the other way which is quite risky of someone setting you up. Another way which is quite stupid and funny is to get a scroll with you while you farm. Either blink far away and tele back to base OR search for a group of trees which would stuck yourself. Blink into it and then tele back to base. Extremely good againts melee hero since they can’t target you.

Another way to survive is to get observer wards. Place it in areas around you, river, forest or even in front of your enemies to deny and harass them nicely. Get to know that some bad heroes coming for you, get your scroll and start teleporting. They’ll be sad to see it and will waste another 10 seconds running back to their lane. Then, you can start farming and bullying again. Anywayz , you shouldn’t play safe with nevermore. Be a bit rambo but don’t go for suicides because you’ll need to be agressive to make them cry. Instead of it, you can rambo all they way but make sure you plan your escape routes such as hiding in the forest near the bottom sentinel tower, top scourge tower, between the scourge and sentinel towerz and you could also make use of the “fog of war”. Lets take a look on how it’s done down here.

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