26 August 2005 :: Last day @ FCC Mid Valley


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Sad to say that I’m leaving and pity to leave this working area as I had everything setup. Anyway, my last day were usual and I was packing up my stuff. Get a box… Put my stuff in the box then carry with 2 hands and just walk out of the office.. Sound like those TV movies when the boss fired the actor. Everyone seems OK when I leave, no kiss or hug but there is some SHAG-ing.. Hahaha.. I have taken some final picture before living and saying goodbye to my company. Anyway, I’m proud to work here for almost 3-years as currently no one can break my record except my SIFU Mr KC Lee which for the company for approximately 15 years and 2 of my senior which with the company for 5 years at least.

Good to know that I’m leaving for better company and higher pay with yearly bonus. My contribution will known by thousand of people. I am feeling abit proud of myself as I struggle during my younger time. Now it paid off..

For those who is younger than me which still struggling in college or secondary school. Study hard so you won’t need to work so hard like me.. At least with your knowledge from your school and certificate you’re holding.. You’re half of my journey. Remember that… Tell you a story about myself in the next journal.

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