Amazing 40 days of Liquid Fasting for Jesus


It’s already more than 40 days pass since the first day I decided to seek God to have an encounter with Him. I would like to share what happen to me before, during and after my 40 days of liquid fasting. It changes my everything in my life, I hope you will enjoy reading my real life story.

How did I get started?
I learned about liquid fasting through some website and had come real to me when I met Rev. Kong Hee. He was still fasting during that time he preach on “Cultural Mandate”. I was so convinced that liquid fasting is possible with man.


Around mid July, I always tell myself not to eat and start fasting. However I failed miserably as I tried for liquid fasting for 5 days to honor Pentcost day and it was really challenging. It’s really funny how things work in life, each time I says I will fast and I manage to breakthrough first temptation of FOOD — another better FOODis on the queue to test me. Malaysia is truly food galore with many juicy and tasty Urgghh!! FOOD around.

I gave up my effort
Things in my life starting to look ugly, my color of my life is getting darker and gloomy. My financial is screwing from bad to worst. My business is not doing well. My new position in a new enviroment is coming near that time. My family is facing a breakdown. My spiritual walk with God is getting rocky. It seems that everything that involves me is getting NEGATIVE impact.


On Sunday night 29th July 2007, I went down on my knees and pray to God in deep sorrow. I ask God to touch me and guide me to His Light and Way so I can seek the Truth in life. I praise God for not forsaken me throughout my new convenent with Him months ago and I told Him that I can’t even do anything to honor Him.

While the PC was playing the song Sanctuary live record by Singapore City Harvest Church. I speak through the Holy Spirit to tell Him about my life and what I am facing which I posted in private “My Tormenting Moment. I also tell Him about what I intended to do if I manage to achieve certain goals. I eventually spend around 2 hours just talking with my eyes close. I remember clearly that I said…

Dear Father,
Through Jesus, I got to know You are loving God. Thank You for providing me a shelter under Your arms. Thank You for all the blessing that You have shower upon me.

Today Father.. In the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ, I cried out to You to hear my prayer. I have tried my best to honor You but I failed into the temptation to follow my own will.

Father, I don’t know what to do and I really don’t know how to go through life. “My Tormenting Moment had set me back totally and I really exhausted and wanting to give up myself.

Tonight, I pray to You in the name of Jesus Christ that I will hold up your cross and allow You to work in me. I want to see breakthrough in my life and to see all “My Tormenting Momentto be casted away in the name of Your Son. Father, I give up all of myself to You and have faith in You. My Lord, Jesus Christ said that there is no problem that is so BIG that God can’t solve. God is our answer to our problem and He will provide to us when we ask for Him.

Guide me and I will follow Your Way. I will not ask the reason but to seek the reason with the Holy Spirit. Father, You know my heart that I have the passion to serve You and honor You. It is your Agape love that soften my harden heart.

Father God, I thank You for Your love to me. I love You and Your Son. I ask and pray in the most powerful name, Your most beloved Son and my Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Father God… I will place my believe in You by liquid fasting for You for 40 days. I give up my most precious life onto Your hand so that You will acknowledge my true faith in You to have this breakthrough and also to tell You that I am ready to walk side by side with Jesus in embracing “Cultural Mandate”: and impacting the marketplace and give praise to You.

Father God… I also commit this fasting to bless EMERGE 2007 to have a breakthrough in our event and many will not hesistate to come when we invited them over. Many will be touched by the excellency of Your creativity that You have build in City Harvest culture.

Father God… Also prepare myself to be a part of helper in making the whole event a successful. I ask this in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Father God.. Also I take this opportunity to pray for my country’s 50th independence day to have better future for the generation to come and to boost the economy into the first class world and also to bless us to have stronger unity with our neighbour.

Father God… I know I can’t made an impact to make Malaysia much better now but God I know you can use my faithfulness prayer to make an impact to bless my country.

Father God.. Thank you for your Grace.  In the name of Jesus Christ, all these will be done. All will be done.




I Leaned On Jesus
On Monday 30th July 2007 early morning, I woke up feeling great and fill with joy; I give thanks to Father and ask for His guidance for the new day. I felt like I am living a brand new life following someone. I had MILO(Chocolate Malt) for my breakfast and throughout the whole day I felt energetic and satisfied. When the night comes, I start to pray and I tell God that I had a new breakthrough as I manage to fast for the day and I will not give up till I fulfill my promise.

Life in Liquid Fasting
Living purely on liquid in today’s modern world especially in Malaysia is definitely a tough way for layman like me. I was around 86kg and my waist line was about 38 inches during the first day of fasting. I look quite plump and I love to spend my earning in FOOD. However I seek my CG leader’s advice about what type of liquid I can consume. He told me generally anything involves non-solid food.

HooraY!! I quickly made a list the “DRINKS” I can have. So far I had these drinks to keep me satisfied all time.

  • H2O (Lots of it)
  • Milk/Milk Shake/Soya Bean
  • MILO
  • Horlick
  • Mushroom Soup (only soup)
  • Sup Kambing (without meat)
  • Vegetable Tom Yam soup (without the vege)
  • Pumpkin Soup (from Secret Recipe. It tasted so GOOD)
  • Mom’s Boiled Soup (BEST ever. Typical Chinese style)
  • Fruit Juice
  • Vitagen/Solivite

So… The list is already good enough to keep my appetite up. Trust me, you will really enjoy these drinks and they really filling.

This happen on the first day and also the week almost completing fasting. It’s all about your mind, I manage to control my mind in order so I did not break my spiritual walk with God. I always had this fear of the Lord feeling in me and my Holy Spirit activates whenever I tried to lay my hands on FOOD or unrighteousness act. I heard that most of the time, Holy Spirit will tell you that you did wrongly AFTER you committed an unrighteousness act.

However, during my last 2 weeks of fasting, I’ve been having this visual of me holding a KFC drumstick and dipped the Sambal Asli chilli sauce then I bite the juicy drumstick and pull to side way. *Chew! Chew! Chew!* HmmmMM!!..


I believe the Satan will try many ways to make children of God to stray and leave God so we will worship him. God was with me all the times and I am not tempted nor disappointed. During my fasting, many good stuff happen such as I have friend had the famous Claypot Lou Shee Fan and Fried Wanton at Petaling Street. My cell group had a Multiplication Party and they are having nasi lemak and yong tau fu potluck. It really looks good and smell terrific delicious. I went shopping at 1U with Syin and I found a bakery cum cafe shop that sells delicious pastries. Also I went to this shop in Mid Valley called D’Lish. I tell you that this is a great place for me to work as a freelance. I simply this place.

It is so weird that you have to put yourself in suffer to see the beauty of something you can’t have it. Almost every night I had yamcha session with my buddies and they had this Maggie Goreng which I seldom eat. That few night these Maggie Goreng looks so good and special and the Roti Canai looks differently tasty too.

However, all above I had been put in test. I go through it easily and through God’s grace I keep in my heart. Those FOOD temptation doesn’t effect my stomach to growl at all. Thanks to God I am again save by Your grace.

How I Did During Fasting?
Well.. I don’t felt strength-less or stressful BUT I felt amazing strength and amazing energy flowing in my spirit. You’ll feel like I am not fasting at all. I was amaze myself as I lead life everyday. Every night I had good rest and great morning wake up.

What I Did During Fasting?
Basically, many people will try to minimize their activities during their fasting to save up some strength for the next day. Well… I learn from City Harvest Church that giving is better than saving as we give out more, we will be bless even more in the future. I believe that and I don’t conserve the strength I have.

I start a badminton club among my buddies and invite them to play together after work every week. It started well off and we play non-stop for 2 and half hours each time we play. Besides that, I am already working full time job and I taken up a few other job to help out in my financial breakthrough, I’ve been running around seeing client needs and working OT almost everyday even on weekend.

Another miracle here that is… I felt refresh every time I had badminton session the next morning and it comes in bigger portion of strength. Praise God.


Next is EMERGE 2007, I was called up by Marcus to join VU Futsal Team 2. Together with my brothers in VU as we train together, we finally manage to be in second placing for the cluster in Futsal Tournament. Thanks Lord for making me a helper in the team and providing Your strength during the game so I can withstand the whole tournament. Thanks brothers for the chances that you gave me.

Spiritually Challenged
During this fasting to keep every day walking in righteousness with God is really a difficult task for me as I am a new Christian and there is still many verse in the bible I have yet to understand its’ meaning and purpose. I had done unrighteousness to God during my fasting such as I had bad thoughts, treating my friends harshly, speak rudely and not honoring my parents. I repent to God for these unrighteousness act I have done. Although David Oh teaches me to settle my debt with God every night before I sleep and praise God every morning I woke up. I still failed to do it consistently but it never failed me for not doing it at all. God is great that He remind me to pray whenever I am free. Just like every time I stuck in the jam for no reason. Praise song just come by and I started to pray and each time I done that I felt my whole self felt even better and everything I sees doesn’t disturb me. (even the car in front of me was swaying and break abruptly)

Great Moments After Fasting
God is very specific when He comes to answering our prayers. You want that blessing, He will give you that blessing and based on your faith towards Him, He will multiply it. I totally agree with this.

My Business client that had been delayed their deposit payment had finally send me cheque and I have to handle 5 project now and the money is coming in swiftly. Therefore I can bless my freelancer a job and also I can have my debt reduced. Also I can fulfill my mission fund for the church. Thank You Lord for knowing my worries about my finances and now You have provided me and told me not to worry about it.

My Family affair is getting a little bit better. My parents looks like they are doing well and everyone seems to be like having positive life. Thank You Lord for making me to able to see my mom and dad relationship are getting better and the family is taking care each another more.

My Spiritual walking with God had been stronger and faithful. I learn alot during my fasting period as God keep showing me verses and sending me wise man during my fasting period. I got the chance to be anointing by Pst Mike Conell during his preaching in City Harvest Church. Sermon notes comes in exactly in what I am having doubt in Your words.


EMERGE 2007 had been a successful event and it was AWESOME! The whole event was well organised and the video crew did a great job. I am glad that many were changing to embrace Cultural Mandate and walk with God more eagerly after this youth event. The most amazing part of EMERGE is the effort that City Harvest church member’s determination to win for Jesus. They even overnight in church for days just to complete their task. I am so bless with the

Most powerful testimonial I would like to share is that my sister who had been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 4th Stage had been cured completely. She was diagnosed with it in early March 2007. She had undergo Chemotherapy treatment and Radiation Therapy. Both done successfully but my sister wasn’t looking good as her neck is all burn-up. She also lost alot of weight. She used to be quite fat but now she is very skinny and she had difficulty swallowing too.

On 6th September 2007 which is 2 days before my ending of 40-days fasting, while I was sitting at Coffee Bean nearby my office to relax my mind. *Ting! Ting! SMS alert tune* I got a sms from my family friend saying that they are in hospital looking at the scan report and the doctor announce my sister is free from cancer. I was overjoy in my heart and keep praising God for His blessing. I called up my sister to confirm the SMS message I receive, she says the SMS is true. WOAH! I just speechless and told her to keep on the diet plan until the next scan. My tears was flowing like a river, I just cried out deep inside my heart and I can feel that the tears is beyond my control. I hide myself in a corner and keep wiping my tears. I just can’t keep give thanks to God and praise God for his grace. In that moment, my mind, my heart, my soul and my life changed to believe God 101%. That means God is my outmost priority above anything else, I never experience God in such a great manner.

Life Transformation
That night, I went back home and I dwell again to God and I tear with a great joy. I was overthrown by His love to me. I also receive a vision from God, it was beautiful and powerful experience which I never see myself in that kind of lifestyle and power. I am so proud to see God’s purpose in me.

God had never stop transforming my life to greater height and greater responsiblity. Today, I successfully working 4 type of jobs – full time IT Executive, part-time small US fund analytic, IT consultant and community service. My schedule is pack up and I felt greater and greater each day.

Aren’t you felt tired or stress?
Well.. My answer is definately NOT, I told God that I want to see financial breakthrough and I believe God open the door for me and holding me up so I face the challenge together with Jesus. Is always works this way! God provide strength to run my engine(body), Jesus navigate my journey(my dilligence), Holy Spirit be my indicator weather if I have doing God’s way and finally ME keeping my fuel burning with prayers. This is the whole mechanism I have in thought while God working in me.



Thank you Father God.

Thank you My Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you Pastor Kong Hee, Pastor Kevin and Ester for setting up City Harvest Church.

Thank you David Oh and CG member for always believing in me and continuing to support me in every different ways.

Thank you my dear Syin for keeping by my side and nuturing my drained soul by cracking a joke and surprising me.

Thank you everyone who thoughts about me and pray for me too.

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