Stock Trading Training with Shamim


It’s been a blessing that God fulfill my desire. I had been always wanting to learn how to be an investor and stock trader. I just love to see how a management decision can caused the company equity to rally or tank in the stock exchange. Now Mr Shamim who is my CG member, my brother in Christ willing to be my mentor in this area.

Bits and Bites About My Mentor
He is an American born Indian but with great personality. He loves to crack a joke to ease off some tension. He had an amazing talent in stock trading as his forecast trading report is detailed. I really need to have his analytics skill. It’s a great honor to know him.

What Did I Learn?
Well.. I met my new colleague at work, Ricky aka Sin. He is a much better than me as he had been studying about KLSE for quite sometime. Basically he knows the theory about trading and charting.

We will be trading New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on electronic trading software. It is cool because with a touch of a key, you will see Mr Shamim’s hard earn money gone to the shares that you bought. What’s more about this software is!! We can set the limit on everything such as the credit limit, the buying limit etc.

Once I got hold of the important keypoint of the system such as sell and buy button,  I proceed to understand the chart and graphs of the software to know how well each stock is performaning for the past whole week or months or maybe years. These shows the trading pattern of a particular stock and we can predict it will go up or down based on some guideline and rules.

It’s a long process to be good at trading as NYSE stock is very votaile as compared to KLSE. I can say that KLSE active stock movement for the past 1 weeks is already equals to NYSE active stock of 1 hour. It’s a patient and mental challenging task, if you are earning as the trend favors your buying/selling, you’ll covered by greediness but if you are losing end you’re struggle to keep yourself afloat to make sure that you did the right move to cut the losses.

Indeed a good experience that I won’t let go!’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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