Batman Begins @ Gold Class GSC, MV

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Wah… Finally I had watch this Batman Begins.. Not bad at all about this show, lots of action and meaningful words. Firstly, I had to queue up for almost half and hour for the ticket at normal screen. At first I saw there is 36 seats and till my turn it had drop down to 16 seats. Of course these 16 seats is the front row and what I can see from there is the nostrail of the actor and actress. Finally I’ve decided to buy the Gold Class ticket. It cost me RM70 for 2 tickets. The seats is comfortable but the air-conditioning is damn freak cold! I felt myself in the Atlantic.

After the nice show I had with self-service available at the press of a button and the adjustable comfy chair. I had headache and cramped-leg. It makes me hardly walk and a wave feel behind my head.’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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