“Woahh!! Hold down your horsey, guys! ” Quote from The Principal of SJC

Introduction of SJC Rocks
Well.. Let me do some introduction on what is this all about. SJC Rocks is a High School Musical stage performance by City Harvest Church members to give a great show to God. All the actors are simply student and working adults which had no/limited exposure to acting. Simple word says “AMATEUR”

SJC simply means Subang Jaya College. The story is about a young ambitious boy,Luke who fell in love with a new girl in the school, Jenny. Luke grew up with a broken family and living with his mom and Jenny grew up in the strict dad ruling and ever exciting mom.

Jenny was felt in love with Luke during in the classrom and Luke only felt in love with Jenny after they share a tease laughter together.

They both pursuing to be someone in the school or simply said to be FAMOUS/POPULAR by Luke to be the hero of the basketball game and Jenny to win the beauty pagent. Many obstacle and scandalous happen between them while pursuing their dream.

My Personal Rating
 5 stars out of 5 stars

My Review
It was really mind blowing, entertaining, superb preparing and backdrop etc… One words to say it all… It was really …


I was expecting a good laughter and fair performance. The moment the performance kick off with a loud cheer and clap. The acting and the singing had impressed me and what is most small little details that I put into credit that the crews did was the interval during the preparation for the next scene. You guys played a song and the song suits the next scene and blends well. GREAT JOB!

David Oh was the Indian Principal (great indian accent), the class teacher (great imaginary and nice blonde), the basketball coach(just like your ownself at work) and the fashion MC(great acting here).

Everyone was doing great especially Luke, main actor and Jenny, main actress. They really can sing very well and act perfectly. Natalie was great in her overacting glamour chic,Tracy was great in her dumbness and the dumb guy was really scary, I felt he looks like a pervert than a stud.

I am so blessed and praying for Part 2?????‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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