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So.. Let says that you’re getting into a real business world. What position and title would you pick for yourself as an owner, your partner and staff. This especially applies to entrepreneur and small/home business owner.

It is somehow IMPORTANT!
I understand that position/title is not that important but for the sake of registration such as bank accounts, business cards, contact details for suppliers, etc, it somehow important. Many other businesses require your title in communications as I have encounter a few company which only talks or meet with the manager of the company.

What title and why?
Some entrepreneurs call themselves CEO or MD. Seriously, I find this not really appropriate when they are the only employee. I know lots of people find this really pretentious and a bit of an ego-inflater. “Partner” doesn’t sound too bad but there need to be at least two people. I can’t really find one to be suitable for elegant, professional and not over-rated.

CEO/CIO/CTO/CFO/COO/CPO/CKO – Chief xxx Officer

American corporation? I personally find that this title is too common and it’s kinda boring.. However it sounds different if you are in MNC or GLC but HEY! we are only small kucing miaw only la…

I felt not so good about this title. I felt that this is for non-profit organisation or sports club.

BINGO! You are founder of this trademark and this company and it really reflect to many of your roles and responsiblity IF the client/supplier understand what your company does for trading.

Executive Director / Director / Director of xxx Department
Director sounds good for Sdn Bhd as you have investor and many employee but yet it is still not good for sole-proprietor or partnership. We don’t have investor and investor is our saving book.

Managing Director
Managing Director simply means you are just sitting in the office managing internal affairs and making a drastic decision for your lower tier such as GM, Director of xxx Department.. However MD doesn’t sound too good as it doesn’t reflect you as owner or you will come out to do sales.

Yes.. You are a sole-proprietor owner/entrepreneur. Best describe but I personally felt like ROJAK post. However is on the common list.

That’s is the most common OWNERS title/position. I also found a few more other interesting from the website.

  • Dictator for life <– This is cool man.
  • Consultant
  • Managing Partner
  • Member
  • Principal
  • Shareholder
  • Manager/Team Leader
  • Supreme Potentate <– What the…!!

I think one of the guy in the website said was quite good, he said that “It might vary a bit depending on the type of entity. Some positions might make sense for certain organizations, but not for others.” and he suggested the following

For a corporation, I would go by President/CEO/Director

For a partnership: Partner, Managing Partner, Shareholder

For a proprietorship: Proprietor, Owner, Founder

You could also use: Manager, Team Leader, etc.

What’s Yours?

What do you think about it? Any fancy but yet elegant but yet professional but yet creative but yet reflecting your reputation but yet not over-rated but yet understandable about your strength.

 X Þ  …So difficult…

I just call myself on my business card as…

Problem Solver

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