I’m TAGGED and You’re TAGGED ( Natalie Sia, Ming Lim, Vanessa Pang , Syin Ng, Sally Wijaya, Kenneth Tan )

“You’re TAGGED”… Who?? Me la…Special thanks to Ms Audrey Grieslla.. I know I like you so much but you don’t need to drag me into this ma… 

TAGGED introduction..
I don’t know who started it but the rules is…Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 abnormal behaviour, habits etc. Then you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their multiply id at the bottom of your blog. don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you’re tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.”

Before I start… I would like to pass this TAG to… * drum rolling *

  1. Natalie Sia >httphttpsnatnat2612.multiply.com/”>httphttpsnatnat2612.multiply.com/
  2. Ming Lim httphttpseming84.multiply.com/
  3. Vanessa Pang httphttpsbabevanessa.multiply.com
  4. Syin Ng httphttpssyin123.multiply.com
  5. Sally Wijaya httphttpsfreakgun.multiply.com
  6. Kenneth Tan httphttpsvandeta.multiply.com/

Let’s roll the fun!! I am going to put this in my contact view only..

Here I go my weirdness…

1st Weirdo – I cannot sleep without hugging something
OK! When I am forcing myself to sleep, I must have to hug something and cross my leg over. My current victim is my bolster and pillow. I cannot seperate them off me unless I am too exhausted or tired. I can sleep even better if I hug someone I love, that will be great!

2nd Weirdo – Automatic Self-Body Alarm System
Alright, I got this very weird habit that I cannot sleep more than 8 hours a day or sleep over 12noon; is either 8 hours or before noon. If I overslept and my self body alarm did not function for some reason, I will had extremely bad headache and I felt unhealthy, whole body felt very numb and restless.

3rd Weirdo – I can drink alot and I hardly get drunk. I mean very hard!
HmmMmm.. If you are going to make me drunk, you have to prepare your wallet and Credit Card as I am going to get your off your credit limit and yet I am still sober. Well.. talking about drinking alcoholic drinks, I can mix many many type of drinks and went many rounds of it.. Even cocktail such as Graveyard, Ultimate Graveyard, Flaming Lamborgini, Extreme Flaming Lamborgini and some other stuff which I invented with bar tender had not been really effective over my body system. I can drink vodka, brandy, whiskey, rum, tequila and beer together for a few rounds and few bottles. So far my body reacts to wine only. I will not vomit if I drink all this but Beer + Wine = VOMIT!. Trust me that I can wallop 1 bottle of vodka and 1 bottle of whisky alone by myself. Each time if I manage to vomit, I will feel better and continue the drinking session.

4th Weirdo – I love challenges and I love to feel the glory and suffering
If I am in trouble, I don’t look for help unless its effected my life. I had gone through many difficulties and pleasure. However I will still pursue to challenge any oppurtunity. Currently I am struggling the biggest challenge in my life which involves difficulty in family, relationship, financial, commitment, career and legal matters. I always been lucky through my life and now I don’t depend on luck now. This is emotionally attack.. Physically I just love extreme stuff… I wanted to try bungee jumping… Jungle trekking alone… Parachuting… Join the commando army… Oh! Gosh.. did I miss out something?

5th Weirdo – Bad Driving Habit
Sometimes I just lost focus while driving and I reach the destination, I will question myself or ask the person next to me.. HOW did I manage to reach here? WHEN did I reach here?… It always bugging me.. There is one time I didn’t know how I can drive in highway that I manage to make a curve while my eyes close for many seconds. AMAZING… So far I am lucky that I was protected by my Guardian Angel. *Kids, Don’ try this at home* Now I found a solution to beat fatigue while driving… That is gain a few calories by eating CHIPS.

6th Weirdo – I cannot live without LOVE
I realise that I need LOVE to survive. LOVE is the biggest fear I always had, it reflects me on my personality. I take LOVE seriously because I know it will be the most beautiful thing and it can also be the most ugliest thing in everyone entire life. I LOVE everyone that is close to me more than I LOVE myself because without them I won’t be so strong and I won’t be who I am today. I hardly trust anyone especially comes choosing a life partner, I choose those who LOVE my LOVE and willing to explore together in the new founded LOVE we created. Seriously I am very passionate person and I treats people with compassion too…  So.. Friends out there.. Don’t hurt my LOVE.

That’s all from me… Happy TAGGING!’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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