Irritating People that sends you straight into HELL


First of all.. Let me start this with some not-so-good language..


This will make me feel better.. I just got irritated by unprofessional people whom just got lucky she touches my M-Spot (Mad Spot not Manhood Spot ok… )

OK! I admit that I had taken a loan and I found out that I hardly serve this loan in timely manner so I appeal and ask for their kindness to reduce the interest rate so I can serve in time. After much ding dong and bla bla bla.. meeting, phone calls and finally it comes to end of discussion. They agreed to lower the interest rate from 15% to 9% per annum. I was glad that was a big help to me. So.. I thought things was going smoothly and I don’t need to serve the monthly payment yet till the agreement was approved in 2 weeks time.

When I THOUGHT that this will help but I was totally WRONG.. That is where my DAY & NIGHT MARE started. Now it had been coming 4th week since the last day I signed my agreement. The calls had been keep coming for the past 2 weeks and I constantly ask them to check with officer who deal with me. THEY never listen or maybe they are unprofessional with their work. They keep asking me the same question

“Sir, you have not paid us for the month of May. When can we expected the payment?”

For the first time, I politely said to the caller on phone.

“I had done the rewrite programme for my account. Can you please check with Mr.XXX as he is the officer whom handle my account. He ask me to pay for the month of April and I should be paying the new amount next month”

The operator said OK and hang up. So.. I thought this operator will update their database so that his/her colleague can check on the system. BUT HELL NO! Every 3 days they keep sending different people to call me and I repeat the same thing. What’s more interesting that they even send me letter using their office boy and the date was the day the printed the letter. COOL HUH!

In the letter, they even said that I must make the payment before fixed date else they will send me a legal letter.

Here is the scenario in my head. The officer that ask me to sign the agreement saying that my account are paid uptodate except for the month that I have signed for the rewrite.

The other hand another officer ask me to pay up else they will bring this to the legal. DAMN! Only RM300 and you want to send the whole case to court.

So.. I called up straight away to the bank and talk to one of the lady. I told her that this is not right and bla bla bla… She claimed herself as professional in this matter and she suggest I just pay up to solve all this misunderstanding. Alright, I will pay up but in post dated cheque then I ask her about the coming month amount that I need to pay. She said the 15% amount and I was like… STUNNED for a moment! I said.. We’ll see!

Lastly, Mr XXX called me and apologize to me and I ask him weather I should pay or not. He said not necessary as he will monitor my account. I told him that I expect no more calls for collection of the amount. He acknowledge. That was on Monday, I tot I was relieved but TODAY Ms Sxxx.. Had to call me and SHE with a strong Malay accent slap a question.

Ms Sxxx: “Mr Low, This is bank. So How?”.
ME: What how?
Ms Sxxx: Your due payment for last month still don’t want to pay?
ME: What is this? WHY you keep calling me? For the last 2 weeks you keep calling for me for payment and I had repeating this many times already. Haven’t I asked you to liaise with Mr XXX for my account status. He said my account uptodate and yet you asking me payment.
Ms Sxxx: * Silence…* You receive letter right.
ME: That is why I talk to a chinese lady on the same day I receive my letter and I told her I will send the cheque. Your stupid system cannot keep track customer request izzit. What kind of accent you are talking to me. What is your name? You are very rude and not helpful…
Ms Sxxx: *Silence for a few seconds*
Ms Sxxx: Ms Sxxx…
*Line cut off suddenly*

 I am getting emotional and I send 3 SMS long message to Mr XXX stating that about the situation and my frusfration. I write a post dated cheque with the amount they want and will send it tomorrow.

He really made my day to HELL. Luckily Jesus pull me back up before I got roasted and do evil things. Thank you Lord.


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