Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2006 @ PWTC


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03 JUNE 2006, Saturday : It was a splendid day spending with Ah Kiat and Yee Yong at the KLIMS 2006 @ PWTC. Theodric pick me up at about 10:30AM together with Yee Yong and we head to Old Town Kopitiam at Kuchai Lama for breakie. I had their delicious toast bread spread with butter and kaya and also their OMEGA half-boiled eggs. YUM!YUM!

Of course not forgetting their speciality CHAM! (Mixture of Tea + Coffee + Milk + Sugar)

After our heavy breakie, Theodric drove both of us downtown to PWTC. We park opposite PWTC building where there is a multi-level parking and then walk across a busy road. We made our entrance and to our surprise that KLIMS is really a hit eventhough they charge RM 25 per entry per person. The crowd is really amazing I can say. Check out the pictures!

Theodric and Yee Yong is queuing up for the tickets! Aiks.. How about me?

Luckily Yee Yong got the tickets for me as well… Phewww! But… * Thinking of RM 25 flying away! *

Well.. We have to walk a long journey to the other side of the hall in PWTC for the start. The walk was somehow HEAT and crowded. I realised that some of the parents with kids that walk along the strecth of small bridge + 2 human size pathway, they tend to stop suddenly and ask their kids to see what is RIVER and what is BIRD. Well.. It’s a good thing that you taught your kids new stuff BUT FOR HEAVEN SAKE please don’t block the freaking tiny pathway la… DAMN!

What I can say that this is my first time in KLIMS. It was up to my expectation and almost value for my entrance ticket. I got to see many nice cars and also many CONCEPT cars and of course not forgetting the pretty ladies over there that shine with the cars. Somehow I was a bit disappointed that BMW was not participant in this KLIMS 2006. BMW is my only passion car that I wish to see and have a feel on their new Bavaria 7 Series. Too bad there is only a few models available through NAZARIA with the “SEE NO TOUCH AND FEEL” exhibition style. *SIGH*

Anyway, while I lurking around the hall I spotted my best Girl Friend! Cherry da SweetYi. Muahahaha… She is still the worst looking girls in the event.. OOooPpss.. I mean the uniform! PEACE!

jefflhlow, Yee Yong and Theodric, 3 of us were walking non-stop almost the whole day. We stopped at Mitsubishi Booth to get their Shirts with their Lancer Logo on it. Then we proceed to HONDA section to have a glimpse of ASIMO (Advance Step in Innovative MObility) Robot. ASIMO performance was an eye opener for me as the robot can move and walk almost like a human. The most impressive part is ASIMO able to sense and walk up the stairs on its own without human aid. After the performance that last about 10minutes, we saw this cute soft toys of ASIMO. Cost us about RM75 each. We bought it! Muahaha! The soft toys cuteness is irresistable.

Here is the last compilation of picture I was taken during the visit. If you want to see more, check out my PHOTO ALBUM!

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