My version of MY LIFE

I was looking at my life now and many things went through my mind after my 4 days of vacation out of my house during the Raya festive season. I have not achieve my target dateline and task nor I had done anything to my current stack of responsiblity. I felt so terrible and felt so intense as I hate to stack my responsiblity; I hate to cause inconvinient to others. I always TRY to work my best to fulfill responsiblity given to me. I just don’t take it seriously enough.

Thoughtful Lunch
I realise something great when I met my buddy, Alan for lunch yesterday. That time and that moment I realise that I am no longer young as I thought all these while… I found a new determination on how to fought back my irresponsiblity.

This life, I had only ONE
Choices of path, many had limit to TWO
To Live FREELY or to Live FULLNESS
Finally, I found a Path choice of THREETo live up a name of the HIGHEST,
A life with full of CHALLENGES
and lots of physical LIMITATION.I realise that NOW
IS the best TIME
without any BOUNDARIES

It just sums up my entire purpose that I will change now. I had 4 jobs and I seriously can tell you that I almost loosing my comfort zone of friends and some social network. However, if I am a bit better in time management; I am sure I will have quality time for them.

Wasting my time?
I am exhausted almost everyday and my earning in 4 jobs is almost like nothing if I work just 1 job. Seriously for me, if the work I am going to do will benefit myself or others, I will do it for FREE sometimes. It must be on your own will. You will find it out if you go and try it out.

Many used to tell me many reason when I encourage them to work extra job is either to gain some income or knowledge…

  • Sleep is more important than working something that had no fixed payout.
  • I won’t waste my energy doing freelance if the project does not pay me like what the corporate market price should be.
  • If I want to start my own business I must have at least RM100K capital else I won’t start at all. That is why I am saving for it.
  • See first la… I got many things to do after work.
  • I got no time.
  • Now still young, let me enjoy my time first.
  • I have just enought to use.
  • Learn for what? It’s not gonna be useful for me.
  • I am happy with my life now.

Purpose of living EXTRAORDINARY
It just so simple, I want to see how far I can go with my capability. Remember my blog posting title “If you are looking for answer to any of your problems.. You should see this!“.

I want to see how fast I can change in a short period of time. I always setting 5 years goal, what I want to achieve and what I want to become. Even before I manage to reach 5 years goal, I had already start drafting another goal bigger than this 5 years.

Indeed, I realise that I had already living in EXTRAORDINARY life based on my many secret blog. I had achieve amazingly, David Oh and my CG can be my witness. All I need to do is just set my focus right and work towards it.

I am bless once again by one quote.

“I will call it quit when it is done.”

Just like the high school musical theme in City Harvest Production. CHC’s SJC ROCKS! It really ROCKS…

I want to be somebody.

Where would you lead your life now?

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