Sick Sick Sick

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

OMG!… I keep on vomiting non-stop… I had no idea what I’ve ate or drank before… Is it the drink or food I took last night? Or it just my Morning-going-to-work-sickness? I really had terrible night yesterday; Sleepless and feeling nausea, its like having a heavy drinking session last night. I woke up terrible late and the next thing I wanted to do is run directly to toilet and puke. After that, my body goes numb and my stomach like turning upside down. It was a PURE Disaster!

I called up and told my colleague that I’m unable to work today. Later I receive SMS from my manager, the next thing is..  I had to dress up and head to work. Here now, I’m in the office… WORKING!‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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