Daily Morning Routine

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Recently, I have come to realise that I am a person who likes to stick to the same thing I do everyday. It is really for the convenience and also comfort.

The Journey
Today, this morning the travelling from my house all the way to KL was generally smooth and I felt so comfortable driving without traffic jams. I reached my destination about 8:30am and proceed to my favourite mamak stall nearby my office. I had patronise this mamak since few years ago even before I start working in the heart of KL. Usually I went there after clubbing craze at Beach Club and Atmosphere.

The Routines
Why do I love routines? It just plain simple, I love to eat my roti canai in a special way. I love to eat Roti Canai Banjir + Mata Kerbau and Nes-Lo-O-Ais (see bottom for explanation). I have been to many mamak to try ordering this but in the end it got everyone confusion as they thought I wanted Roti Telur. The taste is not as good as I had in my usual patron mamak. The good thing about routines is the staff treats you differently from others. They don’t bug you about what you wanted and they just ask me “Biasa?” means “The usual?”. All I need to do is just nudge my head and I get everything in awhile. Moreover I can complain to them about the food and I get a replacement without them thinking I am trouble customer. I am a good customer as sometimes I over pay them by a few cents and I don’t grudge about their late services.

What IF?
I always wondering what if the mamak stall stop operates its business. I had to find another mamak stall and try to be frequent with them and life goes on. It is easy say than to be done. I can survive with it but thinking back about the flexibility and the relation build with the staff and the owner of the previous mamak. It can’t be the same and you’ll have the missing feeling for them. The taste will be different and time spend to develop the relation and putting the right taste to suit my desire, I have to rebuild it. More over, not many mamak operator and its staff are friendly enough to do what you wanted them. Imagine they have to order a food that you wanted your way but end up is not what I wanted. Complaining to them I worried they might add some “special ingredient” in another hand to eat it, I don’t felt good.

It is so difficult to find a right thing to suit your needs. It is more difficult to maintain it as well. For me, I do what I can to keep their business running. I believe I play a role in their business runnings although my patron is just merely few ringgits but is better than they lost my patron.

[ Roti Canai is an North Indian bread and Banjir simply means the Roti Canai tear into pieces and pour the Dal (the gravy in yellow color makes from Potato, chickpeas in a spicy gravy ) on top of the Roti Canai. Mata Kerbau in translation is ‘Bull’s Eye’ but it means to the mamak stall as fried egg with the yolk still watery. Nes-Lo-O-Ais is a mixture of Nescafe Coffee with Milo Chocolate and ‘O’ means no milk added plus ice. This drink is similiar to MOCHA. ]

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