My sister’s baby 1 year old birthday @ Sri Hartamas


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

It’s my niece 1 year old birthday. My father and sisters were celebrating the whole day with the baby at Hartamas Shopping Gallery. They were there since afternoon and I only be there around 6PM in the evening.

Yan Yan that’s what we call my sister’s baby. She is such a lovely baby and she is naughty just like any other baby. This was because she always put a look when facing the camera. I had been getting a hard time to caught her face. * SIGH * It’s a tough work I can say. Today indeed is her ONE year old birthday. I went over the outing with Peng Peng. Peng Peng bought Yan Yan some baby products as a gift for Yan Yan’s birthday. Thank you for getting her PUREEN brand. Kinda expensive you know!

The Arrival at Hartamas Shopping Gallery
This is the first time I visit this place after it had been open for months. I park my car in the basement and head to the complex. I got lost when I was around this place. Their concept is very much likely like The Curve Shopping Complex where they have indoor and outdoor shoplots.

We were walking by a lots of stores around. We were heading to the WINE Shop located at the lowest floor of the gallery. This complex doesn’t look as big compared to The Curve but I can feel this complex is balance for the community around Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara residency. The next thing I got to know that this place is full of restorans and cafes. This place is quite a quiet place to chill out and have some chit chat while taking a sip of coffee or even a glass of wine. I can say it’s kinda executive and lavish experience chilling out there.

The Wine Shop
This shop is great. They had all sort of different wine in the store. Besides this shop is all about wine, they do serve some light snacks to goes with the wine. Their waitress there is very polite and attentive to you all the time. Their concept is more like a  place where you need a drink and some relaxing moment while enjoying the music they playing. There is outdoor concept and also indoor to serve smoking patron and non-smoking.

Okay… Back to the reason why I went there because everyone was there. My 3 sisters, sister-in-law, father and my 2 nieces were chilling out there after a long day walk around the complex. They were having some white wine mixed with sparkling water. Not bad thou but I didn’t take notice the brand. I met my friend and also business client, Mr Peter. Muahaha.. He had been a happening goer, he was with some friends. I love the music and the place but I felt this is the place I will be at if I plan to stop clubbing. While waiting for them to finish the wine, me and Peng Peng plan to walk around the complex to check out the this new places.

美食將門人 aka Eric Deli Paradise
It’s dinner time and we are heading to Eric Deli Paradise. This restaurant is open by Eric Tsang. He is a Hong Kong based actor and also a game show host in Hong Kong called “Super Trio Show” aka “ç¹¼ 續 ç‹‚ 笑 獎 é–€ 人” together with the original team members, Chin Kar-Lok and Lam Hiu-Foong. They serves variety of authentic Chinese and Cantonese cuisine. They seems to be specialise in Dim Sum, Steamboat and Chinese food.

This place is very classic and nothing much I can say about it. It looks very expensive kinda place to have lunch or dinner. There have outdoor as well with a great view facing the city. We plan to have their Steamboat so we ordered the standard 2 pax meal which cost RM 70. We preferred to try out both their spicy soup and flavour soup. They have one thing in common to the owner that is the Hongkies accent and politeness. My both sisters browsing through the menu and they start ordering extras dishes.

While they were busy looking at the menu I was fooling around looking at a device underneath table next to me. I look carefully and I finally realise it was a controller to the electronic cooker in the middle of the table. We were using a large table that had 2 cooker in the middle. Next I look at their paper matte on the table and I notice the famous HK TV Game Show host. Hahaha.. They look as funny…

The order had been made and I got up head to the sauce counter to get some sauce to dip with the food. The minute I reach the sauce counter… I was like .. They had more than 20 types of different sauce such as peanut, sesame, ketchup, chillis, garlic, soy sauce etc.. I mixed mine with some help from my sister and this is what I got..

I tell you arr… The taste is damn GOOD! The food start arriving and the next moment the table is full of raw food ready to be steamed! The first thing I did was dumping lots of meatballs and vege into the chilli soup. The minute the meat cooks, I scoop it up… All the chilli spices and peppar balls stick to the vege and the meatballs. I am having a hard time to remove them on my plate before I get to taste the food. After much hardwork on the cleanning, I manage to savour the vege and meatballs.. The taste is great BUT the spices and the thickness of the chilli oil on top is really a puts off. The whole time I must wash away those spices and oil with the flavour soup. It’s very spicy and damn oily.

I GAVE UP on the chilli soup. I proceed to salvage the flavour soup which taste much nicer and goes very well with my self-made special sauce. It was kinda OK food quality but what I can comment about this steamboat that is.. TOO EXPENSIVE! It’s not really worth the price. I rather go eating Porridge Steamboat or Cheese Steamboat which cost much cheaper but of course we will not to enjoy the little bit luxury dining experience.

All and all.. I will go back there again for the SAUCE! Muahahaa….

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