Trainperience to Work


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Today I felt like taking public transport to work so I got my dad send me to Star LRT at Sri Petaling. It’s been a long long time since I uses public transport to work. Most of the time I was driving all around.

A Little History
My last “trainperience” aka train experience (I invented this for my blogging purpose.. Muahahha..) was during my employment with Interbase Resources based in SS23, Petaling Jaya. I remember I had to take a CityLiner bus to KL Bus Stand for interchange to Putra LRT to reach Taman Bahagia. Later I got my car in July 2003 while I was working at Mid Valley Megamall. It was a blissful experience driving to work that last till yesterday.

Star LRT
I used my Touch N Go Card which I used during my school days time and now is a pure white card without any design or words. Just a plain card. It’s been too long ago. This is a good card as you can get straight to the entrance gate and palce it on the Touch N Go Reader and wait for the “BEEP” and it shows your credit balance. I got RM 15.30 left.

The train arrived and I was amaze with the crowd in the train as this is the last station but there is already people sitting put in there. I had to stand at the corner in the train while grab holding any bar available. After a few more station of stop during the journey, the crowd had become a little unbearable. I felt myself like the MEAT in a CHICKEN HAMBURGER.

After much suffocation as the MEAT, I finally reach my destination, Station Hang Tuah. I squeeze myself out from the crowd and walk a flight of stairs. TADA!!! The EXIT! I walk to the Touch N Go Reader and go “BEEP”, it shown RM 13.70.

KL Monorail
Next, I need to take the KL Monorail which is an elevated train and very much like a roller-coaster but with a driver in it and covered with air-conditioned. Here again I “BEEP” my Touch N Go Card again and it shown RM 13.70.

There is alot of people queing up to abroad the train. In my position I believe I will have to wait for the next train. The first train arrive, my jaw dropped and my eyes widely open when it stopped in front of me. The train is already at its capacity, everyone in the train looks like the scramble egg in a toasted sanwich to me. GOSH!

The lines finally MOVE! I got to the FRONT. After 5 MINUTES, the next train came and before I was boarding the train, I can’t believe this happen to me. The passenger push from the back and I was squeeze into the train. This time is much worst than boarding the STAR LRT. I am glad that this only last until the Station Bukit Bintang where the crowd disappear leaving a seat for me to reach Station Bukit Nanas (Sorry Simon, you are very right about this station. I guess I mistaken it for STAR LRT).

Touch N Go Drama
When I proceed to the exit I place my card on the Touch N Go reader and I hear nothing! I flip and flip, wave and wave, knock and knock the card to the reader, it just won’t work. DAMN! I just move aside and let other passenger pass through and monitor to make sure the damn reader is at fault BUT it works for others.


I wave to the Indian lady at the counter and she came to my aid. Here is the brief conversation I had with her..

Indian Lady = IL

IL: What’s the problem?
ME: The reader can’t read my card.
* She took my card and try on the reader *
IL: Did you use this card before?
ME: I use it just now for STAR LRT and entrance to this Monorail.
IL: How much credit you left in the card? Where do you come from?
ME: I come from Station Hang Tuah and I left RM 13.70.
* Suddenly there is a Mat Salleh climbing through the barrier. The Indian lady look at him and he said I am just passing by to the other side. She look at to me with the “huh!” gesture *
IL: You try to go the other side of the counter. She will have the card reader to check your card.
ME: OK! If the card can go through, can I exit here.
IL: You just let the her know.
ME: Thanks for your help.

There I goes walking up and down stairs to get the other counter and try my luck on that exit. I slowly place my card to the reader. With my eyes close and sweat dripping just to hope to hear the sound of miracle. A few seconds past, it didn’t work~! So I again wave to a Malay lady in the counter. She came to my aid and ask the same question that the Indian lady ask me and I was like a recording machine playback the same answer again. Next..

Malay Lady = ML
ML: I think your TnG card is hang. You have to come back to me in the evening.
ME: HANG??? I don’t use Monorail in the evening so how?
ML: Then ahh.. You come back tomorrow and meet me here.
ME: OK! But why have to do it later?
* There is people at the counter queing up to buy tickets. She is the only person there manning the counter *
ML: (Talking in a rush) Just come back la.. I just want to see weather is your fault or the system fault. If is your fault then we will charge you RM 3 for it.
ME: GOSH! So that means I can’t use STAR LRT already la…
ML: You go and try la.. OK!
ME: Thanks but can I exit the other side?

What a day! It really good day for me.. I believe it was after so many years of not taking public transport and happily driving, they punish me in this way. KARMA~! While walking to the Indian lady side I saw her sitting there doing something, I proceed to the barrier and try to open the barrier but it seems locked. I wave at the lady in the counter to get her attention but I failed so I decide to do what the mat Salleh did earlier. After I done that, she shouted at me saying that “Why do you cross like that? You should have knock at the window to ask me open it for you. Next time don’t do it again.”

OWWWW!!!!!!! Touch N Go is a real pain in da ass if it doesn’t work. Moreover.. TOUCH N GO??? That only applies to molester.. Change name!’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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