Heal first or Money first?

Well.. This had been one of many cases that happen in Malaysia. I am referring to the latest news happen to Mrs Yek.



Mrs Yek was admitted to hospital after involved in an accident at 3am early in the morning. She was admitted to Hospital ASSUNTA Emergency Room. (info from China Press) The hospital stopped them and ask for RM 10,000 as deposit before they can treat the dying Mrs Yek. Mr Yek, son of Mrs Yek unable to raise such amount in short time had been decline treatment by the hospital doctor and they had to proceed to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for treatment. Mrs Yek died during the enroute to KLH which is 1 hour after they reached Hospital ASSUNTA.

Not long before Hospital Pantai also had the similiar case that they required a certain amount as deposit for treatment. Come on la… RM10,000 deposit for a petty trader like Mr Yek even his Credit Card doesn’t have such credit limit. The bank is closed at that wee hour, how to get the cash?

Regardless of private or goverment hospital, the objective of giving your organisation the word “HOSPITAL” include in your organisation is to heal the sick and injured human being AND NOT refrain from healing them. Is the life of your love one worth RM 10,000 only? Just because you don’t have RM 10,000 with you during the emergency time, you had to left your love one died.

These type of hospital had no compassion in healing us. They only had the passion to blood suck our money. They seems to imposed “NO MONEY, NO HEALING” policy in their organisation.

If they wanted to debate in terms of humanity, these hospital had no rights to voice out because they don’t even care weather you live or dead, it’s not their business BUT if they used “BUSINESS” terms to debate… I really felt for your organisation.. You worried your patient will not be able to pay for the treatment they receive from your “HOSPITALISATION”.

Should everyone living in Malaysia had to be rich only to be admitted to private hospital during emergency?

Let me share a scenario in my mind

Accident along Jalan Othman happened to your parents and blood keep flowing like river from your parent’s body. You drove them to the nearest hospital. Upon sending them to emergency room, the staff stopped you.

YOU: Please help my parents. They are dying.
STAFF: Sir, we need to do registration for you before you can admit them.
YOU: OK! Here is my IC.
STAFF: Sir, does your parents had any insurance?
YOU: I’m not sure. Why you asked?
STAFF: If your parents don’t have any insurance, we required RM10,000 as deposit before we can admit your parents into our hospital.
YOU: I don’t have that much. I only got a few hundred. I will try to get it for you tomorrow.
STAFF: I’m sorry sir, if you don’t have the required amount. Your parents cannot receive our treatment. We have to send you to another hospital.

WoW! Isn’t this amazing… If this were happened to you, no matter how much you have in your bank. If you cannot withdraw it in time, you will definately lost your love one. If you so lucky that you able to call everyone in your phone book to ask for emergency fund.. How long do you need to do it? Perhaps if the accident happen in the afternoon, you can get help easily I can forsee that. We are not inhuman especially when we heard that our friend’s parents in hospital and they need money, we will give even we are in the tightest time because we know LIFE is more important than gold/a piece of paper.

I have nothing to say anymore that the Malaysia well known private hospital in Petaling Jaya thinks that money is more important than life. Life had been seen helpless and we know that time is crucial in everything we do.

  • Could Mrs Yek will be saved if the hospital didn’t bother about the deposit but to save her life?
  • While we are semi-concious, should we keep chanting “Goverment Hospital, Public Hospital” to the rescuer?
  • Should we keep RM10,000 with us all the time to be prepared for our loves one?
  • Should we buy an insurance for our loves one?

I felt so terrible. I always had this quote in life…

I am only one;
but still I am one.
I cannot do everything;
but still I can do something.
I will not refuse to do;
the something I can do.

– Helen Keller –
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