ShittyBank strikes again!

These day had been a gloomy day. This morning, I woke up late and knowing that I will be late if I drive to work so I decided to take public transport as I believe the service had improved tremendously such as timely manner and travel convenient. Guess what… It rains cats and dog and I had an waterproof-less umbrella. My journey under rain had caught me off for 300 metre of walking from station to my office. I was wet from waist down.. Soaking wet… My shirt is all wet from the splash of a stupid NAZA RIA owner who zoom by at least 70 kph through the puddle along Jalan Perak and the splash was above my height. I manage to turn backward.. The rest is history!! Bad day.. Bad day…

Back to main topic here… I receive a call from Mr XXX whom incharge of my account that I posted earlier; Irritating People that sends you straight into HELL. He told me that my re-write request was rejected by the management. He called to fax me another re-write scheme form to re-apply again.

* In my mind, what the hell? Why I need to reapply when I don’t even know what is happening? *

Here is the conversation we had.

ME: Can I know what is the reason they reject my application? I don’t believe in re-apply something when I have confident that I had fulfill the rewrite requirements.
Mr XXX: Hold on!
… Approximately 1 minute of silence …
Mr XXX: Ok! It’s was because you currently had 2 months overdue and you just submit 1 month payment.
ME: WHAT??? I don’t understand this at all. I apply this with you and go through all the requirement and my account is uptodate during that time. This 2 months overdue is because I’m still waiting for the approval. I really don’t understand, Up to date I can’t get my rewrite scheme and overdue not paid I will get a lawyer letter from your corporation.
Mr XXX: Hold on.. I pass you to my manager Mr YYY.
MANAGER: Mr Low. You have to understand that a rewrite scheme is for those who can’t fulfill the repayment. This rewrite it will be a losses to the bank interest.
ME: I aware of this and that is the reason I opt for this rewrite application.
MANAGER: So.. Now you had 2 months overdue and you just submit payment last week. We will try to process your application again. I will push this as a memo to the management for quick review of this.
ME: Anything la.. You just fax the form and I sign the application and it will process, right? Please don’t call me up later and said you require original signature.
MANAGER: Yes. I assured you that faxed signature is sufficient.
Mr XXX: Sorry Mr Low. So can I have your number?

That is how I ended the conversation… Sign & Faxed during my lunch time. I skipped my lunch meal… =.=” SIGH!

I really don’t understand the logic of this application.

It’s TRUE that…

  • A Rewrite Loan Scheme is for those having financial difficulty that they unable to fulfill the repayment amount monthly. There will be administrative charges of RM100 – RM300 for rewrite scheme to approved.
  • If you paid after the due date, there will be interest charges on daily basis
  • If you had 1 month overdue, there will be a legal letter and a RM100 fine will be impose to your account.
  • If you neglected the legal letter, you will be blacklisted in Bank Negara Malaysia and CTOS and MEPS system will had you barred from any loan application.

It’s CONFUSING that…

  • The rewrite rejection reason was because my account is paid up to date even it is not in timely manner.
  • Bank will lost interest when a rewrite programme is approved. 15% down to 9% and World inflation rate is current at peak 6-7%. They still profit in anyways. Don’t tell me lost unless you get nothing at all OR you have to fork out your own money to cover that 9% interest.
  • I am under rewrite application. So.. Why bother call me and chase me for payment when I wanted my account to get overdue to get the management approval?
  • At the same time, Mr XXX and the lady I spoke who claimed she is professional in this rewrite scheme… Urge me to pay up else it will get rejected.

FATHER… Help me through this… I really don’t understand who is real and who is not. Everyone is acting to be professional and I felt like I am being cheated!

Now.. Who dares to claim they are good bank? They are good if you pay up in timely manner and you owe them nothing. But if you consider taking up a loan or credit card from them? Think twice brother…

Your financial nightmare partner
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