I hate being SICK!

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

No ONE loves being sick and I am not excluded. I hardly get sick and I always trying to avoid being sick. Each time I feel sick, I had to let lots of thing left undone and I had to let many people down. I am very workholic person and I had no time for sickness.

I had been feeling unwell for a few days before I decided to visit the clinic and smell all the medicine odur. DAMN! I went to visit my usual clinic around my neigbourhood. Seriously, the minute I woke up I feel dizzy and I had double vision on everything I see. I knew that it’s time for me to see a doctor. I was looking for my dad and he was out to send my sister to work. So I thought it would not take too long for him to come back and send me to clinic. I waited for hours before I decided to call him and ask his whereabout. He told me that he is not coming back any earlier. I try to drive while feeling dizzy but its difficult.

The Doctor
Well.. Since I had difficult in the vision, I slap myself hard for many times till I see red on my face with a hand marks. I finally got my vision right and I am ready to see the doctor. I drove about 1 KM away to see the doctor. The doctor just told me that I had no fever but a slight sore throat and my migraine is caused by the stress at work. I was like.. OK! It was fair enough as I understand strain and stress at work will leads to all the shit I am taking. She gave me some pills to get “better”.

I seriously giving my whole body a good rest. I slept from 2pm till 8pm then I eat something and then I went back to sleep until the next morning. Today, I felt extremely worst. I felt my forehead is heating up and my sore throat become a little worst and I got myself a flame. DAMN! My vision seems to be OK a bit but still feeling the pain while looking at bright stuff. I had a bad migraine compared yesterday and my breathing is very dry that suffocated my throat. My strong body had become all numb and powerless.


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