TMnet is a PAIN!


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TMnet or TMnut?
I subscribe to TMnet StreamyX since year 2000 where I am first 500 subscriber for their services. Today I am capped using their 1Mbps package for my hunger for faster connection. Recently, I really notice there is a glitch on my BitTorrent download. Previously, my download and upload connection with the BitTorrent is between 90-100Kbps for download and 30-50Kbps for download. Today, my connection had dropped fixed at 30-40Kbps download and upload still remain the same. I heard rumours about TMnet had acquire Traffic Shaping application to block/limit P2P usage.

*Traffic shaping is an attempt to control computer network traffic in order to optimize or guarantee performance, low latency, and/or bandwidth. Traffic shaping deals with concepts of classification, queue disciplines, enforcing policies, congestion management, quality of service (QoS), and fairness.

Check this article from The Star reporter “TM Net: P2P traffic clogging broadband” at

Customer had to obey the seller
In business world especially in service industry, I had never learn from my mentor nor any books as customer had to obey the seller. Claiming itself that providing world class infrastructure and dominating the market of communication in Malaysia. I feel ashame to the spokesperson and the management which rule out such remarks in the local nationwide newspaper to its customer.

“We are not against our customers using P2P. However, it is an unfair situation which needs to be addressed, as we cannot upgrade our infrastructure (merely) for the benefit of the minority,” said Dr Fadhullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek, general manager of TM Net’s corporate and strategy services.

If you are not against customer using P2P then disable the Traffic Shaping and let us use the services at our own expenses. P2P is not merely BitTorrent, Kazaa or iMesh etc.. P2P is also includes IM file transfer, Webcam, video streaming, VPN tunnelling and FTP access.

Fair or unfair is not the issue

There is alot of issue before TMnet decides to use Traffic Shaping to deter the broadband user. If there is another competitor that provide broadband services at a little higher rate but ruling out unlimited usage without traffic shaping. I WILL SWITCH IMMEDIATELY. I am happy to use TMnet Streamyx but I just need a better broadband provider that doesn’t stop a customer from maximising use of the broadband that they provide.

We as user paid for the 1MB connection speed but were blocked from using certain application and program and the connection speed is not anyway nearer to 1MB that they providing us to have a freedom to connect the world without any LAGGING or SLOW in connection. They should be prepared that user are going to maximise use of the bandwidth that they subscribe and that makes us a “PENGGUNA BIJAK” which endorsed by Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affair.

A simple understanding as a consumer, let say TMnet server have 1,000,000KB to use. Each customer take up 1,000KB for RM88 per month for the connection. A world class company will make sure they have 1,000 user to accomodate the said server for 1,000KB subscriber. If you don’t upgrade your server and keep increasing customer to the server, what will happen in the end? We will get slower and slower connection and who knows it can accomodate up to 10,000 user. In the end everyone gets connection up to 100KB but paying at 1,000KB rates if the connection is divided equally among the 10,000 user to the server.

Do you think TMnet should blame its consumer for maximising their facilities that the consumer subscribe? Isn’t that ridiculous statement by the TMnet for not upgrading their infrastructure.

Many are not statisfied with the services provide by TMnet but we have no choice as there isn’t any competitor for TMnet. Jaring Broadband offering their package for 1Mbps at RM 79, I wish to try out their services but too bad. They have limited coverage throughout the nation. Maxis Broadband are running on fibre optics so that doesn’t bring us any nearer to the price offering by TMnet.

Here is Singapore Telco and Malaysia Telco internet services promotion.

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