How secure is your password?


Today we have so many ONLINE services offering for personal/business banking, social networking, website, emails and etc… The only things that protects WHO YOU ARE and your PRIVACY SENSITIVE information stored ONLINE is your USERNAME and PASSWORD!

If you are a security analyst or IT Administrator, you know the rules of setting the right password and storing it safe! Unfortunately most of you are merely USER and have a little IT knowledge. I hope my guide would help you to be sensitive towards your password and also exploit what potential danger you might had exploit to scammer/hacker.

Today’s Technology

Many ONLINE website had already starting to offer or I can say “FORCE” you to set password that is so difficult to understand such as:

  • Your password requires 8 character long.
  • Your password must contain Alphanumeric.
  • Your password must not be the same/contain anything with your username.
  • etc…

Why are they offering/forcing you to set such password?
The answer is very simple and most of us know it. Making our life difficult or some says making it safer! Well.. regardless of what you say about it, you have to do it!

Is there a way to make it easier for us to remember the password?
YES! Indeed. Try doing this method…

Stephen Chow = $t3ph3n Ch0w
Password = P@$$w0rd
Insight = !n$!ght

Is not hard to put the symbols and numbering into a p@$$w0rd right? Of course, you learn something already.

DID YOU KNOW that by doing this you have increase the days of hacker trying to break into your account? YES! By adding extra symbols you have increase the possibility to even more! Don’t believe it? Try this website.
For example, insight is listed among common used password and will be hack almost instantly. But by using !n$!ght as password it will take 12 minute to hack into. So you make some progress here! Try to think a password that is 16 digit long and that would take the hacker longer time before he is able to hack into your account.

WoW! 16-digit long password? Are you mad?

Not mad but safe! You don’t want someone to steal your money ONLINE right or maybe posting PORN on your Facebook Wall. If you are so lazy to think of 16-digit long password, try this website. http
Just type whatever password you want, could it be 3-digit short is ok! This system will generate 32-character long password and mostly contains like this:

password = 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99
insight = a463c42856028ccaa7b3f6939ad0dfb9

You and me are blurred and definitely will not store this password in our head! So, you just need to remember the english password and you use the tool from that website to convert the passcode for you. Voila! You have your most secured password in the world!

Remember guys! I am just making small effort to strengthen your password by making it a bit harder for people to guess your password. If they manage guess it correctly but you apply my method above, he will definitely give up because you have “strengthen” your password. Now, show them you are smarter in IT by protecting yourself online!

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