What Potential RISK you’ll exploit online!


Before I officially start my posting on what potential risk you’ll exploit online, let’s watch this video…

I can also be a supernatural paranormal clairvoyant cause I know how to gain access to your personal information either online or offline. It started with a simple interest of someone else who wanted to maybe know you or harm you.

Offline method is much more risky as it involves physical contact and monetary. You can hire a private investigator and they will follow you around. Well… it also reveals the culprit who is checking on you if you manage to catch the peeping tom. So.. somehow there is a trail you could find out yourself without much problem.

Online method is much less risky for the peeping tom to find anything about yourself. It could be anywhere and everyone. Your post on FB shows what is your mood today, your username online could be access to your email access, your upload photo could contain GPS information of your whereabout, your purchase online could lead to your financial information, your password could be exploit if the website developer are careless in protecting your privacy, etc…

The risk of exploiting yourself online is great unless you are in control of what to share and what not to share. If you are not.. let’s see this Malaysian make commercial on Online Privacy.

Someone you never know in real life is now know you more than yourself! Scary right? The more scarier part that this peeping tom had multiple identity online and he is ready to con you for his good.

There is alot of ways you can protect yourself online and yet share your information online. It’s going to be a long list and normally I don’t do it for free to consult you.. Hhehe.. However I will post it on my next entry to share a few tips you can take note as precaution steps.

Be vigilant, share only to those you know, add friends that you can trust!


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