I was defeated together with my brothers-in-arm

It was a good morning on Saturday and I had not been having enough sleep. The whole night I was studying about the map and strategy we should implement. What’s more interesting, I had been lacking of sleep lately.

Da Arrival
I arrive at the battleground campsite around 7:00 AM. I had to carry a big ice box and a carton of mineral water for my brothers-in-arm. The entrance is really different compared to first 4 league, maybe this is the final league and I heard there is celebrity and press around.

Da Shop

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Da Hide-Out
My team is placed together with our all-girls family team, Team Tornado Angels. We got the whole tent and thats where we place our banner up across the tent.

What to do in the tent? I personally dressing up my team jersey and boots up. Once I am done I start to arrange our team’s mask, pods, barrels and pod harness on the table. Loading up the pellets into the pods and then stuffing them into the pod harness.

I place at least 4 pods into each harness we had, some of it I fill it up to 6 pods. Team Tornado in this tournament is competiting in Division 3. We had to use mechanical house markers which only be giving out when your team are called to Standby. If you are in Division 1 or 2, you must have your own marker. Most of them in this category are using Electronic markers aka E-Markers, it shoots extremely fast and more accuracy.

Team History in NPL 2006
My team comprise of Randal, Reuben(C), Adrian, Daniel and myself make our first appearance in Padang UM and we manage to be in the Quater-Final during the NPL 1st League.

NPL 2nd League was held in Ipoh, Padang MPI. We manage to get additional players to swap around so we won’t get tired easily. The team members was 5 of us together with KC Yap, ex-paintballer back in action. This time we manage to finish on the podium making it to 4th placing.

NPL 3rd League held in Kuantan, Padang MPK. This league is rather disappointing eventhough we had 2 extra players to swap around. We only manage to make it to Quater-Final. The team member was Reuben(C), Adrian, Daniel, Patrick(M), Choon, Vinod and myself.

NPL 4th League held in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Padang Merbok. We still didn’t manage to finish on the podium and defeated in the Quater-Final. Many strong team performance are deterioting as well. This places us 5th ranking in the overall NPL 2006.

The points to be overall champion is very close. My team can make it if we manage to be the 1st on the podium with the top ranking teams out of the 1st Round (which is very impossible). Anyway, the dream to be the overall champion to receive the RM 10K cheque is real.

My team manage to keep our performance to the notch as we win 4 matches in a day. This is good enough for us to be in the Quater-Finals but for us to be in much better position soo we won’t meet up with the strong teams we have to win the following 4 matches.

We were suppose to fight till we are exhausted for the whole day totalling 8 matches. Due to unforseen circumstances, we had to postpone 4 matches for tomorrow. Believe me, this is the worst tournament I have encountered. We had to waited for at least 2-3 hours for each match. We are too exhausted of waiting and not of fighting.

D-Day Judgement
Well.. Sunday is the judgement day… The day seems dark to me and I felt uneasy the whole time. We are not performing well… I felt we just been cursed, yesterday we were like unbeatable warrior and today we were like a punching bag. We lost 3 out of 4 matches today to very new teams that we underestimate them. However, my team still makes it to the Quater Final. The top 16 teams are able to be in the Quater Final, my team unfortunately grouping with the best team around. That’s makes our chances to be on the podium is history and remain in dreamland.

We had to battle with 3 different teams in a 4 team group. However we lost the first 2 match badly. We got shot out during the breakout to reach our safe box and most of them are just silly mistake. I can proudly say that our team had improve on communication and we had reach a higher level of this sport. I must train up my field awarness and bunkering skill.

In the final match, we decided to use our secret tactic to against our enemy.

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