Tomorrow, I will fight till my last breathe..


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… till I am standing on the podium!

It’s paintball time. Tomorrow will be the last series of National Paintball League 2006. It’s been weeks long I did not have proper paintball training. My team last training together is during our tournament back in August 2006 which we were NOT doing GOOD at all. My team is lacking its performance and confidence to win the tournament.

We got a reasonable sponsor. We got the equipments. We got the exposure and experience. But we are still not strong enough and not giving our best. I seriously don’t know why they keeping their 100% and did not committed and drown into focusing victory.

We most of the time play with our 6th sense. Our strategy and tactics is to get into the safe box and do our own job. We did get into the safe box and we start doing our job BUT do we know when to GO? Or when we should STAY LOW? NO! We don’t know, ONLY the back supporter knows where THEIR position and WHAT they are doing!

YES! I am the backman; I keep the front man safe and make sure he can do his JOB. Sometimes my super 300dB voice doesn’t able to reach the frontman. I am not sure he is too focusing on his JOB till he had forgotten that he had a team mate.

What did I do for the past month after the last defeat? Definitely I must train harder, lose some weight and gain some stamina. My paintball skill is rather improved a lot and my judgment seems to be quicker. My latest training which is last Saturday had really thought me a lot new moves and skill. My enthusiasm to win 1st on podium is still burning. This is my last chance to prove that I can be there and throne the trophy.

For those who want to be spectator or CKO for my team, you are welcome to mail me.
*CKO means Chief KULI Officer

Event: Liga Kebangsaan Paintball 2006 / National Paintball League 2006 FINALE

Time: 7:00AM — 6:00PM

Venue: Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya

Direction: Infront of Amcorp Mall and Behind A & W Restaurant

My team name: Division 3 — Team TORNADO

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