A blissful trip to CAMERON HIGHLAND!!


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

My group of buddies comprise of 8 man had gone up to Cameron Highland on the Deepavali Day. jefflhlow, Kelvin, Simon, Steven, Theodric, Allan, Ken Lim and Ralf sitting on 2 cars to ride up to the hill top. Well we ride on Steven’s Wira and my Iswara.

Our plan considered very last minute as we plan 1 week before the actual departure date. We manage to book an apartment which cost us RM450 a night while others such as Equatorial Hotel, Strawberry Park, Century Pines and etc are fully booked. The apartment had 3 rooms and some extra bed.

Friday Night at my place
Kelvin and Simon suppose to overnight at my place so we don’t need to wait for them to meet up at 7:30 AM in the morning. I went for yamcha session at our usual hangout MAMAK stall called Burger King. We discuss the final preperation for our trip. Simon decided to park his car at Allan’s house and go to Loft Upstair with Steven and Ralf. Kelvin follow me home to overnight at my place. The first thing he did was to conquer my Desktop PC and start DOTA-ing. I join him with my laptop and start the game. We played till 4am before I knocked off to bed.

Saturday Morning Gathering
Kelvin woke me up at 6am and he just told me that Simon called him that he was at our Burger King Mamak after clubbing at Loft. Both of us wash up and the load ice box and our bags into the car but. We pick Simon up and then drove to Puchong Perdana to pick Theodric. We gather at Allan’s house until 8 of us arrived but Ralf never arrived because Steven had forgotten to pick him up!
It’s been really long time that 8 of us sitting down together and had DIM SUM. We had so much laughter before we leaving KL to the highway.

Journey up the HILL

1st Car

  • Steven
  • Simon
  • Kelvin
  • Theodric

2nd Car

  • jefflhlow
  • Ken Lim
  • Allan
  • Ralf

It was so entertaining while travelling with my friends. During the whole journey we were laughing and enjoying our drive. It started off with the neck rest by McDonald in my car. It definately looks stupid but it does bring unforgetable moment. Ralf can’t stand the silly action and being so helpful snap few shot of me.

Rally Up the Hill
Hahaha… Our first toll fee was RM 19.20 and we are already in Tapah. It was raining during the uphill ride to Cameron Highlands. The roads are so narrow that it can only accomodate 3 car in a row. We were overtaking one car after another and I can tell you that the experience was great. It just like roller coaster for me.


Da Arrival
We finally arrive at TANAH RATA, the rain seem to be getting heavier. We stop at the bridge at the entrance of Tanah Rata town while waiting for Steven’s car refilling gas. Once they catch up with us, we follow their car to the apartment. It was quite a long drive though from town. We park our car at the open car park dump our stuff and head out for lunch.

Lunch Time
We drove out to Brinchang which is middle hill. Here there is alot of shoplots and also the District Police Headquarters base. He went into one of the Chinese restaurant which there is a parking lot in front. We ordered quite amount of food. We had hotplate Japanese Taufu, honey sesame chicken, sweet & sour pork, spinach vegetable and 2 more forgot what liao… There we gain few more pound.

After such heavy input to our stomach, it’s time for us to do some dinner shopping. We are planning to do steamboat. We got all the raw meat and we need fresh vegetable here.

Activities Timeout
We head back to our rented apartment, some of us preparing the food for the night and some of them indulge themselves in mahjong tiles. We proceed to the kitchen and surprisingly they had quite some utensil for us to use. Allan had been preparing alot in the kitchen for tonight dinner, as always where there is food there is Allan there scavenging everything aka Hampalang Sapu or you can called it DBKL. 😛 This place also equipped with Astro Satellite TV, we were so entertained with the idiot box.

Dinner Time
We start our dinner approximately 7pm, we had all the food on the table ready to had a steamy session. *Grin* Let me introduce our food for stomach… We had Infamous Cameron Honey Corn, Longevity Sausages, Mushy Hard Mushroom, Crappy Crabstick, Healthy Greenish Vege, Selfish Fish Ball, Sweetie Potato and Ham.

Indeed the food is really filling and we can eat anytime throughout the whole night. We had some beers too, drinking and chatting. It’s just great time spending together.

The next morning, everyone slept till the sun glaring at us. The fun trip is almost over, we packed and do some cleaning leaving the house. Before we heading down back to KL, we decided to drop by Cactus Farm and Strawberry Farm to do some shopping. We never stop playing after last night… We won’t let the cactus slip through our fun time with it. Hahhaa…

Finally we are done and everyone is tired, we reach back home around 7pm. I somehow really wish it could be longer but this trip was a real good relief for me as I am going through some hard times. It was plan just at the right time.

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