Busy month with lots of Problems!

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Looking at the recent problems had arise lately, mainly the financial ones had really slap me on the face and wake me up from dreaming. Everyone in this world does had financial problem especially when they are facing downpour. I guess I just starting to had mine, I hope it will over soon and I get back to my usual luxury outing.

Well… Lately I have been busy setting up my own little freelance business. I named it J.LOW Solution. Cool huh! . Getting my promotion up and setting up the site and stuff. Moreover I got my first project using JLOW Solution to develop a Application for Models & Talent Database. It’s a job that need to be done in 2 months time starting from scratch of paper and a light bulb in my head.

Will post again once I had completed the website for my little business!

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