I fall SICK again!

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

DAMN! Yesterday night right after work I felt my whole body is burning but at the same time I can’t feel my finger tips and feet. They were like too cold until it were like numb. I remember while driving home I didn’t even switch on the air-condition but I still felt cold but when I touch my forehead and neck I felt my hand is so warm. My friend car pooling with me was saying my forehead is damn HOT!.

Well.. I drove a little faster hopefully to get home quickly to finish up the last set of medicine. The whole night I feel so cold even I never switch on any fan nor air-condition. I was suppose to had yamcha session with my friends, I had to call them to cancel the outing.

Sick Bed AGAIN
Once I finish my last medication, I quickly jump on my sick bed and wrap myself like a caterpillar. I can feel the super migrane attacking brain and the mix feeling of cold and hot is giving me a ECSTASY time. I try to get myself to sleep but my body is giving me a hard time to even take a nap. I have been rolling around my sick bed trying to get my pain away.

Doctor Again
Well.. After I type this blog, I will be going to see another doctor to check on my sickness. Money had to spend again. SIGH! Hopefully this doctor really help me to relief my pain and suffocation. If not I guess a funeral is near for me….

Starting all over again
Just visited my family panel doctor at Puchong called Klinik Lim & Ng. The clinic is already packed with many patient. I told the doctor about my condition and she told me that I had a Cold Fever. She gave me a hell lot of medication. SHAT! There is at least 7 of them. There is one pills that required me to have them “2 biji 4 kali sehari” *Fainted*. I seriously hope that this brand new set of medication will rejuvenate my usual self.


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