I witness a daylight robbery within 5m from my distance.

I am so busy today but I think I should post this up even I need to drag my task a bit longer. Nothing beats to save a life!

This is best read for those who rely on public transportation especially KTM Kommuter.

Just a normal gloomy day

I was staying overnight at my GF’s house as her parents were away for a trip, so I have to be a house guard for a night. I was kinda late for work as the time is already 8:00AM. I reach KTM Bukit Badak to take a train down to KL Sentral and interchange Putra LRT to KLCC. I was at the counter getting my ticket and behind me was a Indian lady and a Chinese youth. I grab my cash and ticket and insert my ticket to get into the KTM platform.




At the automatic ticket gate

I step out from the gate and walking to platform. I turn around and making sure I really did took the ticket. There I saw 3 indian man walking towards the ticket counter in urgency. One of the man held the indian lady on the hand and the other skinny indian chap held a freaking 1 FOOT long PARANG!

















1 FOOT LONG PARANG in front of me

Oh My GOD!!! 1 FOOT LONG! Believe me, it was so close that I wanted to swing my laptop bag at them until I saw the freaking PARANG! I quickly ran to alert the other passenger to run as I worried they might target everyone of us. My heart pumping so fast as I worried the indian lady and the chinese youth that they will hurt them. I start to pray to God and ask for protection on the people around.

I ran up a bridge together with a lady and I heard a loud bang on a grill. I guess the robber hit the PARANG to the grill or some metal stuff. In that moment, I decide to ran back to the counter. THANK GOD, I saw the lady ran into the platform area. I get to the counter at haste and saw the whole ordeal was over.

The Aftermath

The crowd gather to talk about and rephrase what had happen. I was busy checking the indian lady, the chinese youth and the train officer. They are all OK. PHEWW!! That was really close, I really meant really close.

The whole incident ended with no injury and only some losses. The indian lady lost some cash and the chinese youth lost his handphone.

I do understand why sometimes the crowd don’t dare to stop this madness. 1 FOOT long PARANG… How to stop???

The chinese youth was steady as he said this is not his first time witness and been in this situation. He said it happen almost everyday at KTM station.

My Thoughts
The whole situation, it really can’t blame anyone. The robber had their motive focus and they had the right tools to prevent others from saving that lady. What’s more they come in 3 person? I guess I did the right thing to run away as I am outnumbered and unarmed. I wish to be there to help this lady but the 1 FOOT long PARANG really weaken my courage and strength.

Thank God
I really want to thank God and I believe that Jesus was with me all the time during this robbery scene. I paid RM50 for my ticket and I manage to get my change back. I entered into a “SAFE” zone before the robbery took place. I withheld smacking them with my laptop bag when I saw the 1 FOOT long PARANG.

I really can’t imagine what will happen to me if I really swing my bag over them. I really Thank God for delayed my movement for seconds.

Public transport user… Do take care, surrender if you think your life is worth more than the material possession you had that time.

Only put up a fight if you have a million ringgit in your bag else give up your thousand or hundred thousand of ringgit to them.

If you still alive, you can make back the losses but if you lose your life that time. You lose even more, that is a life.

Take care. I still believe our police is still “the best” in the world.’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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