05 December 2007 7:39PM – Police stopped me!


Yeah! I got stopped by a police patrol car and he gave me a summon that I never committed wrongly.

Story starts here
I left work at 7:00PM at KLCC and driving towards to Damansara Promenade. Normally I will drive through Jalan Kia Peng towards to Jalan Imbi and then head to Federal Highway. The traffic kinda OK, not too jam and moving kinda smooth. So… I forgot to turn on my phone volume and my phone is in my pants pocket.

I was listening to Hitz.FM and was singing along with the radio. It was kinda tiring day, so I rested my elbow on the side of the door and place my face on my palm. I was driving single handed la…

However I reach the junction where there is a turning to SMART tunnel waiting for the light to go green. A policeman sitting in police patrol car knocked on my window.

Policeman waving for me to wind down the window.
ME: Hi Encik. Ada apa masalah? (Hi Sir, is there any problem?)
Policeman : Tunggu di depan. (Stop and wait at the front)
ME: Apa kesalahan saya, Encik? (What is my offence, Sir?)
Policeman : Bercakap telefon bimbit. (Talking on your mobile phone)
I was like “HUH? What the….. “.
ME: Encik, telefon saya ada di pocket seluar. Bagaimana saya boleh bercakap di telefon bimbit? (Sir, my handpone is in my pants pocket. How can I manage to talk on my handphone?)
Policeman : Saya nampak you ada cakap.
I knew he won’t give up and he is trying to do his duty. Fine!
ME: *With gigle smiley face + a bit frusfration * Sure! I stop at the front.

I drove and stopped in front of Times Square. Waiting for Mr Policeman to come over to my car.

ME: Encik. Saya rasa Encik boleh nampak telefon saya ada di pocket dan saya cuba keluarkan sekarang. (Sir, I know that you can see that my phone is in my pocket. Now I will try to take it out)
I am struggling trying to get my phone but can’t as the seat belt is in the way. I unbuckle the belt and I take it out.
Policeman : Tunjuk saya Last Call dan Received Call. (Show me the Last Call and Received Call.)
ME: Boleh! Encik.
* The minute I showed him, I told him there is a missed call and SMS alerted on the screen.*
* Being stupid me and also using a dumb phone, I accidentically pressed the dial on my last call. SO the record is gone!!!! DAMN! *
Policeman : Kenapa you delete? HUH! Tunjuk Receive call. (Why you delete? Show me the receive call)
ME: Sorry Sir. Here you go.
2nd Policeman : Tadi you memang ada guna telefon bimbit.
ME: Saya tak ada guna Encik. Saya punya telefon ada di dalam seluar macam mana boleh saya guna telefon. Lagipun guna telefon masa memandu adalah satu kesalahan.
* He is holding a pen and a summon book. *
Policeman : Sekarang you memang ada melakukan kesalahan. Tadi saya nampak you punya tangan di tepi telinga.
ME: Sir, I am tired so I place my hand to support my face. That’s all.
Policeman : Tidak! You mesti guna telefon. Jangan cuba nak cover.
* I am clueless and I think its getting worthless to talk to him anymore *
ME: Encik. You nak buat apa sekarang, saya memang tak buat. Saya tak mengaku.
Policeman : You nak saya buat apa. Salah memang sudah salah.
ME: Tak apa la Encik. Bagi saya saman itu, saya pergi buat rayuan. Saya ada telefon statement untuk jadikan bukti.

He gave me a summon and he trying to ask me question like where I work and where I was going and what I do at work.

I answered all his question and give him a big smile as I know what he had in mind. Also I said…

Sorry for the trouble but you are doing a great job. Keep the city in peace.

Now I got the summon. What I should do with it?‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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