Thanksgiving Celebration Year 2007

Guess what? I am celebrating my first Thanksgiving with my dear Syin and also my first time celebrating with my boss, employer and friends.

Unexpected Invitation
My boss, Mr Kadhir invite me and my GF over to his house at TTDI Plaza for Thanksgiving on 22nd November 2007, Thursday night. I accept his invitation and agree to bring a bottle of red wine.

TTDI Plaza

This is my first time going to this place and I am so worried that I might get lost around TTDI. I pick Syin up at Hang Tuah LRT Station and start our journey to TTDI. I tell you honestly, the jam is horrendus and unexpected. I am so worried that I might be late for the dinner.

Thank God! I manage to reach TTDI and this place is just right at the highway towards to TTDI. I drove in and the place is already flooded with cars parking at the roadside and almost every park-able spot is filled with car.

It seems that people are not willing to pay RM2 for a nice parking spot with roof shed and security. *SWEAT* ”-.-

Waiting at the entrance
I was waiting for Shamim to get me into the apartment on top of this TTDI Plaza. While waiting at the entrance of the TTDI Plaza there is a few pub and club around. I was standing in between 2 club, Waikiki Too and Sports Club. There is also others club like Simone’s, Bamboo and Chap’s. I can say this place really looks like another Jalan PRamlee.

The crowd was huge and the music beat coming out from Waikiki Too club was quite R&B mixed with a little Progressive. Not bad thou, it looks like they are having their grand opening and inviting any passer-by to feast on their buffet table.

The Apartment
Shamim  got us at the entrance and he lead us to the “real” entrance of the apartment. Woah! The entrance to the apartment lift was something new I seen. Looks like those sci-fi movie we watch where they touch on the sensor and the glass door open. CooL!

Mr Kadhir’s apartment was really nice. It was a beauty night scene, overlook to 1Utama and The Curve. It was breathe taking the moment I look at the wide balcony and scenary. My knees were weaken and I just fall in love with the place.

Having to pay RM 3.5K per month for the rental at less than 2000sq feet place. It was already not meant for average earner like me. It was a simple apartment for a family of 4 and it really just nice for me.

The Crowd
There were me, my GF, Shamim, Mr.Rafiq (Shamim’s cousin), Mr. Kadhir and family, Nanni and family (Friend of Rafiq. forgive me if I spell your name wrongly. ). Small gathering but it was fun and hilarious one.

The Food
The cooking was done by Mr.Kadhir’s wife, Linda. She is really a great cook… erhmm. I can say a chef. It was really good stuff especially the chilli onion that she claimed was bad and also the dessert.

Let us see what we have that statisfied our hungry stomach…

  • Roast Turkey
  • Mash Potato
  • Pasta – Tomato and Cheese
  • Onion tomato pasta
  • Garlic Bread (I can never know that normal square bread can be so delicious.)
  • Steamed Corn
  • The Chocolate Brownies

Kadhir’s daughter and baby is so adorable and she is just a lovely child that melts your heart away. Ninna’s son was just talented in DJ-ing.. I love it to see how he raps through the music and dance away in his baby moves.

It was really blessful night as I manage to celebrate Thanksgiving again. It was a fulfilling night and we could spend the whole night there having great red wine and chit-chatting away. Too bad, I need to send my GF back home early else her dad had to stay very late to wait up for her and I’ll get my score deducted for breaching the parent’s law.

Psstt!! Picture up soon.. So stay tune!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
God bless!

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