My first time with J.Co Donuts & Coffee @ PAVILLION


Finally I decide to land my hand on J.Co Donuts after much CHCKL outbreak about it and making my saliva drips everytime they mention how good it taste and how great to have it everyday.Today is everything NEW to me.. I really mean NEW!

Why is NEW?
PAVILLION had been opening for quite some time and today during lunch time, my colleague drag me along to go PAVILLION food court. The first step into the mall, my jaws dropped and my eyes wide opened. It was nice place and I felt cosy walking around.

Food Court is called Republic Food

I got what they meant by that… They do had lots of food from various cuisine. Everything under one roof. This is so far the best food court I’ve ever seen.

Wait a minute.. Ain’t I’m talking bout J.Co Donuts..

AHHh!!! Alright.. J.Co Donuts..  I heard rumors about the addiction and crazy queue for these donuts. It was 1:35 PM and I left around 25 minute to get my donut. I bid farewell to my colleague and I was there Q’ing by myself. The queue was kinda long as I can see approximately 20 people before me.

Here is what I did during my Q’ing.

1:55PM: This is where my Q is…


2:25PM : Some of the patron…

2:40PM : The glassy interior…

Finally it is my turn!
YEAH!!!  J.Co Donuts was so good.. It sold out even faster than the baker could bake ’em. Check out the picture below… This is what happen, people are taking whatever comes out straight from the oven. Those who were in front of me are still waiting for some other flavors.

3:00PM: This is what happen when it is my turn…

However, I waited for another 5 minutes. The oven explode and filled the empty tray with half of their flavors. I grabbed 1 dozen(12 pieces) and put it in 2 boxes. I paid RM20 for the donuts and run back to my office.

In the office
Pheww!!!  I manage to get back without any trouble. My colleague was amaze that I can Q for such a long time.

Almost 2 hours… Worthy?

Brief history about J.Co Donuts…

The tasty J.Co Donuts…

Saliva dripping…

Looking at my colleague, I decide to bless them with 6 of the donuts. They were so happy. Hahaha… I am also happy for them too. Then… I start to understand some philosophy that hardwork comes with a price and enjoyment won’t last long.

It happen right in front of me…



J.Co Donuts… taste better than Dunkin’ Donuts and it really drives me


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