My first blood transfusion…

It was rather my first time blood transfusion… It was a great experience.

Lunch time
I had lunch with a group of “pretty” colleague at Pavillion KL. I had this burned tasting fried sour noodle. I was walking around while my colleague were busy posing to take photos around the mall. I decide to pay a visit to the highest floor of the Pavillion KL. There I found Big Apple Donuts and some classy restaurant.

A phone call
I got a phone call from my sister, Jacklyn. She told me to come over to hospital now to reimburse a bag of blood to the hospital as she needed it for her upcoming treatment.

The journey
I was without doubt, I SMS my colleague to inform them I’ll be late back to office and I ran to Tung Shin Hospital. I tried to get some cab but many don’t want to take me there. I keep walking as I reach near Alison hotel and I pray to God that I will get there in haste, I stopped a taxi. The taxi driver heard Tung Shin, immediately said “JAM” and “NO”, then I persist to ask for direction so I can walk over there. I think it was God that time that changes his thought and willingly take me for a ride. I was bless. Thank God.

The arrival
I quickly get to my sister’s room and grab the document for blood transfusion. I ran to 6th floor and waited for them to have a check on me. I filled up a donor’s form and sign to agree some T&C. The nurse grab a scary needle look alike plastic and jab on my finger trip. There I see my blood oozing out alot. I pray to God that my blood will be His blood that is pure and good for transfusion.

The nurse seems to have trouble testing my blood on the machine. She ask a senior nurse and she had to jab me again for more blood this time. While I was waiting, they were so joyful because they see a good result on the machine. I was overjoy and again God had pour His blood mixing with mine.

Blood Transfusion
The senior nurse lead me to a room and ask me to lay down on the bed. I am a bit shaken
and nervous but I keep faith in God that this bag of blood will be a great blessing to the person who used it.

She test my blood pressure using the pump and start to spray some “cooling” medicine on my arm. There she held a long needle and poke it at the spray area. I was waiting to feel the pain from the piercing but I felt nothing and the nurse just walk away.

I asked her.. “Have you jab me already?”. She noded her head. I was like.. OK!

There my 450 ml of blood in a bag. I pray once again that my blood will be a great blessing to those who used it.

Things were great and I really thankful that I got a free lift from my sister’s friend to LRT. I’m back to work now and post this to share…

Oh! I found something nice today. I love to donate blood. Looking forward to donate more after 3 months time.‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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