My first little red book from my country…


It’s a great adventure I went through to make my little red book aka International Passport. I had been neglect to make the passport because I never thought I’ll be able to travel overseas. However I decided to make my passport for the coming trip to Singapore this weekend for Christmas celebration with “my” Syin and her cousin.

Putrajaya – Malaysia Immigration Department
I heard from many that I can get my passport done within the same day or in 2 hours. Since my trip to Singapore is going to be this weekend so I decide to get it done at Putrajaya.  Through Puchong Highway, I manage to reach Putrajaya at around 11am and I try to find my way to Precint 2 where all the goverment office located. I keep following the sign written “Precint 2” and PICC. I had a hard time finding the right building when I reach Precint 2. It is even harder to find a parking spot. Many car parking at the road side and the “P” basement is reserved for staff only.

I always had a habit to ask the receptionist or customer service people if I went there for the first time.

ME: Good morning, I would like to apply for a new passport. Where I should go from here?
Lady officer: You can’t apply here. You have to go to Pusat Bandar Damansara. We don’t accept any application new or renewal passport here. We only dealt with Immigration Passport Security matters.
ME: But I heard from someone that I can apply my passport here and I can have my passport the same day!
Lady officer: Who told you that? All this while, this building only dealt with Immigration issue. We never had any counter for new or renewal passport over here.
ME: OMG! If I go there now, can I get my passport the same day?
Lady officer: If you can reach there by 12noon, you can collect your passport within 2 hours.
ME: Thank you.

So.. I wasted my time at Putrajaya. I made many calls to get the fastest route to Pusat Bandar Damansara but however I need to go back to where I come from and head to Bangsar to reach there.

Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL – Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia

I manage to reach there at 12:10PM, parked my car and head to Blok I and as usual I ask the officer at the counter for the right place to get my stuff done. She told me to prepare the following and then take a number at the counter written “Nombor Giliran”.

  • Application Form (Obtain from the officer for RM 1)
  • 2 piece of Passport size photo
  • Photocopy front and back of IC
  • Old passport (if available)

As I stepped out of the counter looking for photocopy machine and photograph. A lady came up to me and offer to get my photo and IC photocopy at RM7. I take the offer and she lead me to a small stall next to Giant Supermarket. I got everything done within 10 minutes.

The counter at 1st Floor of Block I

The place were crowded with people and I saw a long Q at the “Nombor Giliran” counter. However, I got my number at 12:25PM, the officer at the counter looks like a young graduate. He is quite helpful and the smile on his face really great. He stamped and staple my number on the form and told me to wait for my number. …BUT…  it was rather a bit disappointment.

Yes! You see it right.. My number is 1541 and current running number is 1329. Which means I had to wait for 212 people before my turn! Gosh..

It’s my turn
Hooray! I finally wait through 212 people and now it is my turn. But.. How long did I really wait?

That is 3:35PM. That is exactly 3 hours. Counter 21 is calling 1541… I walk over and hand everything to her. She got my digital thumbprint on both left and right then she ask me to ink and place my right thumb on application form. She gave me the bigger piece of the same number and wait for my turn to pay them RM 300 for 32 pages of international passport.

They separate the payment counter and the application counter. There are about 32 counter and 4 payment counter, 4 special counter(for disabled people and pregnant women) and 2 “Nombor Giliran” counter. Approximately 15 minutes, Counter 28 called my number for payment. I notice on the payment counter glass there is a sticker which show that they accept VISA, MASTERCARD, ATM BANKARD and CASH. I paid by cash and grab my receipt. She advice me to come back the next day morning after 8am and proceed to Counter 16.

So.. I left the place and paid my parking ticket. It cost me RM 8.20 for 4 hours parking.

The next day at 9AM
I went to Counter 16 and the officer gave me a ticket number for collection.

After 5 minutes…

Muahahahaha… .


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