My life in 2006..


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

2006 is soon going to fade in just blink of our eyes. Forcefully I had to welcome 2007 with full of mystery and doubts.

2006 had been the most challenging year in my entire life in this beautiful yet cruel reality world. *SIGH* Here I start whining again but HEY! No one is perfect and I am down on my knees to accept that.

This year 2006, it gives me a rocking path… I really mean ROCKING like you were on 4x4WD cruising through the undiscovered forest or maybe I can say while you were biking through rock mountain at full speed.

Synopsis about my early.. mid.. and late year of 2006.

Early year of 2006

It’s been a very happy and joyful year.

My dream sports – Paintball

I just couldn’t be happier when I was accepted to join Team Tornado as a professional paintball to play in National tournament. I had never joined any national tournament before and I believe this is the best moment in my life. I can’t describe how much they have given a new life to me and keep me sane from dilemma. The final tournament had ended and my team ranked 7th overall in the whole tournament. We manage to champion 2 times 4th placing and I got medals to proof. Reuben Ch’rng, Adrian, Daniel, Randal, Patrick, Vinod and Choon, they are the one who motivates me to grow stronger in life and play hard in paintball.

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