Trick-my-friend while meeting a new friend


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

I got to know her through Friendster. I added her to my list because she was working at an Online Store as a webmaster which was once my previous company’s client. She was in my list for a long time (I think almost got 1 year already) and we hardly chat until I wanted to query about some product she was selling online. After a few chatting and so coincidence that she is free, we chat quite long and I felt she is kinda nice girl. I start to check on her Friendster profile. Hehehe.. Operation Info Digging… This is because I don’t simply add people into my friendster list.

What I manage to dig?
Something caught my attention which is the “How you’re connected”. It shows “you have 2 friends in common”, so I click on the “View All” and I saw Olive’s name. I was so curious to know weather she knew Olive and I found out that she was Olive’s best friend during their school days. What a coincidence?

Trickster Plan
I told her that I know Olive because she is my best friend, Allan’s GF. We both laugh virtually. I asked her weather she had seen Olive lately, she told me that it’s been awhile since the last time she met her. I ask her weather she mind to go out a movie with and I try to coax Allan and Olive to join me. She agreed and I start to invite Allan and Olive. Both of them doesn’t agree because Olive is having flu and Allan is on leave, I keep on persuade them but they still resist. I finally told them I got a new “girlfriend” and would like to intro to them tonight during dinner. Hahaha… They buy in this idea of mine, I told Syin about my plan she agreed to play on. Muahahaha… I drove Allan to Mid Valley Megamall and to make this whole plan more realistic. I talk sweetly with Syin on the phone. Finally I told Allan that I have to meet Syin at the KTM station and I ask him to fetch his GF at car park then we meet at Kim Gary Restaurant.

The surprise and first meeting
I met Syin and we both walk towards Kim Gary Restaurant. My first impression on her was rather normal and nothing special that sparks between us. So.. Here is the scenario…
We have to queue for seats as the restaurant is packed. Her back is facing the direction that Olive and Allan coming by and I am looking at them. The minute Olive reaching, Syin turn around and both of them, Allan and Olive, had a shock. Olive was so happy and so does Syin too.. The whole night Syin and Olive were such a chatterbox, left out me and Allan. *Sigh* What’s more they speak in Mandarin language? I was like puzzle as I am a banana boy. I only know very basic Mandarin language.

Movie Plan
About 9:15PM, me and Syin had to left because we already got tickets for the show “The Curse of The Golden Flower”. It’s a nice show and I got a nice seats. It is right in the middle at the top row. Muahahaa… The best part is I bought it ONLINE using my credit card the same day in the morning.

Driving back
I had to drive Syin back as it was too late and she stays in Klang. During the journey, we chat and I found out she is a great person to hang out with… The more we communicate the relationship become real. I got a feeling that we’ve met for many years. We agreed for more outing together too…’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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