PC Fair III 2006 @ KLCC

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

It was a great Saturday morning with breakfast prepared with Peng Peng. A typical breakfast a glass of soymilk and hal-boiled egg with bread. It was good! The yolk is still watery and the whites are well cook up.

Peng Peng and I left the house at 1030am and reach KL Convention Center at about 11am. We have to park outside at Restoran Red Hat due to all other parking nearby was full. They charged me RM5 per entry and I felt it was a good deal. Parking in the center itself will cost me approximately RM15 or more.

Together with us was my friends, Theodric, Kelvin, Allan, Steven and Louise. The entrance was at 3rd floor and this time they have a barrier to enter the hall. Maybe they want to track how many visitor this round. It’s been awhile since the my last participant as a dealer in this fair. Things change alot and looks more organise than before but to get immediate exit is still a pain in the ass. They placed all the noise speaker in a special hall from the large hall. It was a good thing as it reduce the shouting between the seller and buyer. It definately reduce the dizziness of visitor.

My Biz Talk
My biz partner call me up about 12-ish while I was walking through the hall. The line was so bad, I had to callback numerous time before we able to set a place to meet up. We discuss for approximately 1 hour. Unfortunately the whole situation turn sour and we have to drop our business proposition. It was a real bad mood for me. * SIGH *

Back to PC Fair
Well I went back in to get some accessories for my daily use. I got a good deal on Creative Headset which cost RM 59 and a Creative Webcam for RM 59 as well. Then later I got myself 1 spindle of CD-R at RM52 and another spindle of DVDR for RM 59. Good price but I have to wait about half an hour for them to get my card to charged. I manage to get some cash but seems not enough. Besides that I got an internal Imation DVD Writer from Steven. He got it free at PC Fair. Damn lucky dude… Allan got it free also… * SIGH! *

Balik Rumah
It’s 4pm. I can’t believe it was that late. Well.. I drive back to Peng Peng home after that.I got some picture but too bad I lost my camera somewhere I familiar but never found.

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