Boys were all once innocent, weren’t they?

Boys were all once innocent, weren’t they?

Before 10 years old, there is nothing much to say but only being naughty and naive.

when he was 13,14 years old, he began to admire to girls, however that time he used to keep himself away from them, posing as he was disgusted with those girls, fearing that he might be laughed by his friends.

At his age of 15, he heard from adults that there was a guy who dumped his girlfriend in order to get another one, resulted in the girl commited suicide at the end, he felt that that guy was such a vicious man, and promised himself that he must be a spoony man in the future, and would in love to only one for his entire life.

At his age of 16, he fell in love to a girl, but he dares not to tell her at all. Still like as usual, playing soccer on the playground dustily, and only when the girl had walked out from school, he would peek at her back from hidding himself behind the window of 2nd floor. He felf that she must be an angel.

At his age of 17, that was another girl confessed to him that she admired on him, but he kept himself far away from her, that was only one girl at the bottom of his heart. he felt that even staring at other girls is being disloyal to the girl he secretly loved.

At his age of 18, he was so touched that he nearly burst into cry by one MTV, he was thinking that , if that girl has lost her eyes, he would not hesitate to donate his own eyes to her just like what the hero did, so that she would be able to see something soon again.

at his age of 19, after the high school examination he eventually had to get part from the girl whom he secretly loved, while leaving the school by train, he felt like he was leaving from her further and further away and his heart was getting emptier. He was still thinking that he would never ever forget her, and definitely would look for her again after archieving success.

at his age of 20, he once heard somebody saying some dirty jokes in front of girls, he felt what a shame to this guy.

at his age of 21, from the letter she replied to him that she had already got a boyfriend. He was crying overnight all alone in his room covertly.

at his age of 22, he tried to confess his love to another girl, the girl told him “You are a nice guy, but I am still young”. he thought that he was a nice guy indeed, and responded “It doesn’t matter , I can wait for you”, thinking that he would not like other playboys, 3 or even 5 years he would still afford to wait.

at his age of 23, the girl who told him that she was still young had already fallen in love with another handsome guy. he was wondering that growing up could be that soon.

At his age of 24, he confessed his love to another girl, the girl responded “You are a nice guy, but I am not suit to you”, he was wondering quite a long time,”If I am really such a nice guy why you are still not suit to me”?

At his age of 25, he tried to woo another girl, the girl accepted him, he began to fight for the future happily, he was thinking that the happy hours was just temporary, only working harder will promise a bright future to him and her, however, half years ago the girl broke up with him, just because of another guy knew how to say something to make her happy, the girl said to him “You are a nice guy, it’s all my fault”, he seemed to have realized the point, he was just a nice guy.

At his age of 26, he began to degenerate himself, gettting girls over the net, making up himself fashionably to be cool looking, and had gradually learnt how to tease and please girls. Soon enough he got a girlfriend, and he treated her fair enough, however at the bottom of his heart he knew that he didn’t love her at all.

At his age of 27, he broke up with that girl, he said to the girl “You are a nice girl, it’s all my fault”.

At his age of 28, he has eventually tried one night stand, found himself could have done whatever others can do.

At his age of 29, he has learnt how to say dirty jokes, enjoying in watching girls beside him getting redden and embarrassed.

At his age of 30, he found himself becoming so capable to get a girl easily, however, he has already lost the ability to love someone heartily .‘;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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