Picnic trip to Sg Tekala on weekend!


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

28 JAN 2007: How long ago have you been to picnic since the last time? Or… Have you been to one? I’ve never been to picnic before but instead I’ve been to jungle trekking and camping in the jungle. Nature is always my choice for relaxation and health improvement. Numerous times I tried to influence my friend and try to gather a group for a picnic but it seems that they are not up to the challenge.

This time I never expected Syin loves to picnic as much as I am. Well.. Today we plan to go for a casual picnic which is a last minute decision last night. I pick Syin up at Klang about 11am and then proceed to have breakfast at “Hoi Sin Chu Yok Fan” (Seafood Pork Noodle). It was a GOOD! Breakfast. We bought some snacks from the pastry shop. We bought “Dan Tart” (Egg Tart), “Dau Sar Pan” (Tambun Biskuit) and Pork Siew Pao (Bun stuffed with minced pork and sweet sauce). We also got some ice from 7-11 convenient stores to chill our drinks in the icebox. We have Ribena (Blackcurrant Juice), Cooler Drinks and fruits in the icebox.

The BLUR direction
We had a long journey to Semenyih. We took the MRR2 highway and go towards Cheras and heading KAJANG. I remember we then head to Kajang Silk Highway and paid 2 times toll along this highway. Next we follow the sign written Semenyih and head to a town. Then we turn into a sign showing Nirvana Memorial Park. We pass by the cemetery and approximately 15 minutes we arrived at Sg Tekala.

Arrival @ Sg Tekala
Finally we arrived at Hutan Lipur Sg Tekala at 3 PM. There is quite number of cars parking along the roadside. We packed our stuff and ready to spot a picnic site. This place reminds me of Sg Congkak which once I had camping and jungle trekking since my younger days. It had similar layout and pathway. This place has the basic necessity for the public such as changing room, toilets, proper walking path and resting hut. The water somehow is not as dirty as I thought it would be. It is still clean and cold.

Spot a picnic stop
During our walking deep into the place, we saw a lot of people playing and relaxing near the waterfall. Syin and I would like to see a higher waterfall so we decide to walk as far as we can, at the same time we can also try to spot a nice place where there is not many people around. Finally we reached to a blocked path and ruined resting hut and to further our journey is going to be difficult as there is no proper pathway and we are not on long pants. We decided to stop and we found a big rock in the middle of the river. That’s it! That’s our picnic spot!

The Moment
I had the best time in my life that my desire to picnic for many years had come alive. The sound of nature, inhaling fresh air and cold running water which never stop… Gives me the ultimate relaxation and it does rejuvenate my soul. We spend time together, chatting heart to heart and splashing water. Although it took us 15 minute to walk from entrance to this spot and almost take my breath away but everything is worthwhile the moment we share to experience such beautiful picnic.

Leaving Sg Tekala
When we finish our picnic snacks, we decided to leave at 6 PM before the sunsets. We saw lots of monkey when we left the place. Too bad I don’t have my camera else I love to record their playful act. We head to our car park not far from the entrance and getting ready to go for dinner. We suppose to have dinner at this place called Broga Recretional Fishing Park. They serve the best Grill fish wrap in aluminum foil. Unfortunately they close at 7 PM and we can’t make it in time. Then we decided to have dinner in Kajang Town to have their famous satay. We tried to get the best stall but unfortunately we unable to call my friend Louise. *SIGH*. Finally we decided to try the one called “Sate Kajang”. Not bad after all, they have the following meat for us to choose.

– Arnab (Rabbit)
– Daging (Beef)
– Rusa (Deer)
– Ayam (Chicken)
– Ikan (Fish)
– Kambing (Lamb)

We selected 20 sticks in mixed meat of Ayam, Kambing, Arnab and Rusa. We add two plate of ketupat (rice wrap in pandan leaves in the shape of square). Their drink selection is not much interesting and I would highly recommend not their Hot Selection, perhaps whole coconut drink is best goes with your food. The bill cost me around RM 40.

This is the best moment in my life that I am able to experience nature once again after my younger days. Thanks Syin for able to make this happen once again in my life. NOW! I am going to influence others to join me for my next trip to Sg Congkak. Gonna BBQ there too.. Want to eat jungle cooking food. Roti Lilit.. Ayam Pangang.. Nasi Buluh.. WAH!!!!


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