Disappointment OR Thankful?


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Well… I’ve blog about “Mixed Feeling Weekend”. This is the same story but not the whining part.

How does disappointment happen?
Well.. It started when I am on my way to Klang to celebrate CWChoi’s Birthday. I got a phone call from Theodric telling me that my Ex-GF is going tonight. I was speechless and trauma for awhile. I really wasn’t expecting this because they never told me earlier and I am not prepared for this. I am very disappointed and had to tell him that I am not going to join them. I had my own reason for not going while I should be there.

I am not giving in to her for not going, instead I am just not in the right emotional to accept her as a friend and hang out as a friend. I need time to able to draw a line between her and me. Just like my friend Steven, he can’t attend the party for the same reason like mine.

Da Best I can do
I am going to send over the cake I bought for CWChoi to the restaurant. Here is the funny part that is.. I forgot the restaurant name and I forgot the area name. I call them up and ask for direction but they gave me funny routes. I suppose to go Tg Harapan but ended up in Westport Entrance. Finally I reached the restaurant after driving around Klang for 1 hour. It was Port Village Seafood Restaurant that I suppose to dining.

What’s next?
I was with Syin the whole journey. You can see how I know her in my previous blog about “Trick-my-friend while meeting a new friend”. I am hungry and disappointed so I went dinner with Syin. She brought me to this place not far from Port Village Seafood Restaurant. This place is famous for its ikan bakar (Smoked Fish). This place is owned by a Malay owner. The environment is great and this is the place I learn something new and I found a great friend that understands my emotion and feelings.

Should I be thankful for the disappointment?
Syin can sense that I am very unhappy and sad. She does understand how I felt. Here is some small things that she does that I realized how caring person she was.

  • I was sitting facing the Port Village Seafood Restaurant. I admit I had a bit of distraction and was imagining what was going on over there. I can felt the sadness building up from my heart. Out of sudden, Syin was a bit fierce and command me to sit the other side next to her. I was kinda surprised and puzzled but naturally I obey her command and sit facing the port.
  • She kept chatting with me about lots of thing. That is where I found out that she share lots of same interest with me. We share a lot of laughter together and that is where I found out that she is trying to entertain me from thinking about the disappointment.
  • It was raining very heavily and we were sitting in the car hoping that the rain to slow down before we leave the place because the place is dark and hardly any street lights. She motivates me and changes my perception towards all the disappointment and this is where the time we really speak heart to heart. I pour down everything and she is a good listener and she responded well.

YES! I am thankful that I found someone who understands what I felt deep down inside and giving me positive response. I valued our relationship and I am ready for any upcoming event and I learn to move on.

It’s a great weekend in the end. Thanks You Lord that You’ve been kind to me. I had learn the greatness in You.’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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