Rock Climbing @ Summit

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

17 MAY 2006 : I finally manage to drag Desmond together for rock climbing at SUMMIT. The place is kinda cool. Located at the highest floor of the mall, just right above the IT Centre in the mall.

Desmond get me his clothings while I go straight from my work in the heart of KL. I reach The Summit Shopping Centre at 7:30PM (1930 hours). We proceed to the counter and they ask us to sign a registration form. We must pay for the entrance fee and some rental equipment such as harness (the one where you need to wear and expose your crotch), Rock shoes (quite comfy shoes and better gripping) and Belay set (a “figure 8” and a “locking carabiner”). We also go for the BRSIC (Basic Rock Climbing Safety Instruction Course), this is for beginners.

Although I had done rock climbing, abselling and repelling before but it was 8 years ago. I still remember that time I am quite PRO about the lockings and the safety measurement. NOW I think I seriously need to buckle up my tummy and do more GYM to get back my muscle.

In the BRSIC, we learn how to tie a double 8 figure knot for climbers and how to secure the belay set making sure the climber didn’t fall down on the floor when he slip while climbing. I manage to complete the basic climb but I can’t achieve the tougher one. I will go there one weekend and try it again. It’s good to start doing all these adventurous activities. Once I manage to complete all these, I will go to climb the real ones.

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