Saturday Night Out


P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Well.. Today is cool… Is real cool… Actually it happen last Saturday, now only I post.. Due to alot of reason…

I went to The Loft Upstair with bunch of crazy friends.. Simon, James, Ernest, Kok Hong, Edward, Desmond, Cerry, Kim, Sherly and Angela… This group is real happening person. I had a good time with them.. The place is packed till they had to close the entrance to the club. Luckily I manage to sneak in and got myself a place for them at the bar… Thanks to my dude working at the bar. Such a nice guy and caring dude.. Never can forget about him.. Dude Berd and Dude Man… Never miss out the Dude Nish. hahaha.. Dude huh!

We had a great time… Having 3 bottle of whiskey. This is the moment I had long lost since the old good time. We finished 2 bottle of whiskey and left one keep in custody. I had my SAKE.. (this is nice) Graveyard shooters… (this kills) and BlowJob (not the real sex related kind of stuff is a real shooters.. Taste SWEEEETT..). All of us drink like hell.. Like there is no tomorrow… Dancing all night and having good times..

This night we went to The Loft Upstair. Member groups are Simon, Edward, James, Ernest, Kok Hong, Alex, Cerry, Catherine and Joey. I reach aprroximately 12 midnight. The place was packed with clubbers. They close the entrance to stop from late comers to enter. Luckily, my dude at Loft get me and friend in.. We had a great time there and everyone was kinda enjoy the trance music. We got the place at the bar. We had ABSOLUT Vodka and CHIVAS with alot of different kind of mixer.. Hahah… We drink the mixer like there is no cost.. Then at 3am we left the place and head to yamcha session at Steven Corner. Most of them was there. Simon got stopped by a police patrol car because his car plate was missing. What a bad luck for him! Head home then straight go to sleep at 5am.. After that I woke up at 8:30am and I feel so energetic.. Dunno why? I think I’m crazy kua… Get myself to work at 1030am. Sigh..! No internet! Sad!’;’ type=’text/javascript’>

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