Tiring Off Day!

P/S: This post is from my old blog. I would like to elaborate more and some of it is added extra from the original.

Well… Monday was my off-duty day. Most of people will actually do their favourite stuff or relax… For me, I’ve been to Penang and it was last minute decision. I started my journey at 4PM and reach Penang @ 12AM midnight. Some people might say that I’m driving too slow ; some might say I’m lost… The truth is… I’m lost on my way out to Ipoh. After all the shortcut I’ve tried to take.. Finally I still have to take the NKVE highway to Penang. The drive was all tiring. I’m glad my friend is there to keep me talking on the road to keep me alert. I stopped at Tapah Stop for a break and FOOD! I’ve been keeping my stomach empty for the whole day… I had quite nice Chow Fan (Fried Rice) with extra roast drumstick chicken. Hmm.. Yummy… Then I had Vitamin C drink (Ribena). Fuh!!! That’s damn full!

After the dinner, I called up my friend in Penang… (Actually more to a net friend) He told me that I still had 1 hours more arriving to Penang. I drove at about 120-130 kph.. I reach the first toll that charge me at RM24.00. Then at the Penang Bridge they charge me about RM14.00. I look on the map and check my direction to Sheraton Penang…

After 15minute drive around the Island… I found Sheraton… I also pass by Komtar… Sunway Hotel.. Menara TNB… Fever Club… Cool.. I stayed in Sheraton because I got some discount using the Starwood Preffered Guest card…

My arrival.. They had everything set up for me.. I went up to the room and got this Deluxe Room on the 19th Floor. Not bad huh!… Call up my friend (a dude not a babe). Approximately 1am..brought me to a restoran in Penang.. I had Char Kuey Teow (Famous Penang Friend Noodle), Curry Mee, Fried Lala… Phew… I must be damn hungry man… We ate like there is no tomorrow… After the fat fat meal.. I ask them for direction to my interview place… Oh yaa… Never mention about that earlier.. I came here for the interview with DELL Malaysia… It was for the sales position. Well.. I guess it is time for me to move on from my current employment for a better prospect.

After the interview, I had lunch at some stall near Sunway Hotel. The food is delicious… YuM!! I check out @ 3PM and arrive KL at 7PM.

Such a tiring day!

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